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10 Best Non-English Language Movies

Non-English Language Movies

Speaking one language means most of your media will be limited by that singularity. The nuances of other languages will be lost on you due to this restriction. Movies and TV shows across the world have gripping, eye-opening, and culture-defining media that you will know nothing about simply because it isn’t in English.


Using dubbing services you can bridge the language barrier and experience amazing content from hundreds of countries.


So what should you start with? Why the best of course!


10 Best Non-English Language Movies

Parasite (Gisaengchung) – Crime – Korean

Parasite is a Korean movie about a poor family who plots against a rich family. They plan to infiltrate the wealthy house, changing their identity to seem more appealing.


In a story about betrayal, mystery, and control, Parasite received Golden Globes, a BAFTA, and the Screen Actor Guild Award for their outstanding performances.


Amélie (Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain) – Comedy – French

In this story, a shy waitress wants to change the trajectory of her life. Battling the loneliness of isolation and PTSD, Amelie has a vivid and mischievous imagination.


As the tale unfolds, Amelie finds a box with memorabilia of a boy who lived in her house decades before her. She decides that this boy is her lifeline and tries to track him down.


It’s a story of romance, confusion, comedy, and imagination.


Seven Samurai (Shichinin no samurai) – Drama – Japanese

Seven Samurai is a movie about a village in Japan that is exploited by bandits. The movie was filmed in 1954 but is set in 1586. The framers of the village hire a samurai to protect them. 


It has great action sequences, and unique storytelling, and keeps you hooked throughout.


Pan’s Labyrinth (El laberinto del fauno) – Horror – Spanish

Pan’s Labyrinth is a fantasy-based horror where Ofelia leaves fascist Spain and enters a fairy tale labyrinth. She believes she is running into a hopeful place, only to realize the horrors of 1940 Spain are still around her in the nightmare land.


Ofelia faces challenges and trials in an attempt to escape the Labyrinth.


Talk To Her (Hable con ella) – Drama – Spanish

Talk To Her is a critically acclaimed movie as well as a commercial success. The story follows two men and their friendship. The unlikely pair meet as they care for two women in comas.


The story continues as they lean on each other in this confusing and heartbreaking story.


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Wo hu cang long) – Fantasy – Chinese

Set in the Qing dynasty, this movie is centered around a young man called Li Mu Bai. He is a swordsman but has his weapon stolen by a master of martial arts.


Li Mu Bai has to awaken his true potential by following the myths and legends of Chinese heritage. 


The movie has an amazing action scene, details unique Chinese culture, and adds a touch of romance.


City of God (Cidade de Deus) – Crime – Portuguese

City of God is an epic crime movie adapted from a novel of the same name. The plot is based on true events, following organized crime in Cidade de Deus between 1960 and 1980. 


A drug war between a vigilante and a drug dealer shows the line between good and bad is not as clear as we think.


Burning (Beoning) – Psychological Thriller – Korean

Yoo, a delivery driver bumps into an old friend, Jeon. The two meet a new man named Yeun. As they reconnect, Yoo starts seeing problems in Jeon’s life. It doesn’t take long for him to suspect his buddy is in danger.


Twists and turns make you believe and doubt Yoo’s senses.


Roma – Drama – Spanish

First published on Netflix, this award-winning movie is beautifully artistic. It follows a sequence of family drama as domestic workers help a middle-class family. The movie is about humanity and contains emotional content.


Hated (La Haine) – Crime – French

La Haine uses a variety of media to show us 24 hours with 3 young men on a day of a violent riot. The men are followed by police officers, attacked, and thrown into custody while the riots ensue.


This is a story about predigests, chaos, policing, and the dangers of hostility.


Final Thoughts

Each of these movies has won awards in their own country and others too. They aren’t just enjoyed by the critics, they are also loved by theatregoers. 


No matter which one you pick, you know you’ll end up glued to the TV desperate to understand how the story ends. If you like these movies, use them as a launch pad to other non-English films.


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