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10 Best Marketing Tips for Instagram in 2023


Instagram now serves not just as a social network, but also as a means of promotion. While marketing used to be more limited and consisted only of sponsored posts, now the choices are wider, so don’t overlook new opportunities that will play to your advantage. If you want to grow your Instagram, start with simple steps to help promote your page, whether it’s a personal page, business, etc. 

A list of tricks that everyone on Instagram can easily use

Let’s list a few tools you can use:

  • Instagram Live;

Do online broadcasts and interact with your audience to establish communication.

  • Stories Interactive;

Get users interested through question/answer, interesting quizzes with prizes, etc.

  • Advertising on Instagram;

You can set up ads in the stories or the feed to additionally attract people. This is one of the most effective tools that are used for regular visits, for subscribers.

  • Search and Interest tab;

The feature allows you to see the content you post on Instagram and find more accounts to subscribe to.

  • Connecting your Instagram profile to your Facebook business page;

We recommend connecting these two social networks because then you can watch the statistics and adjust the targeting advertising.

  • Hashtags;

Many people think that hashtags are obsolete, but they are not. People often find their purpose through hashtags.

  • Geolocation;

Geolocations are especially relevant if you want to attract an audience from a specific location.

  • Links in Instagram stories; 

With Instagram, you can attract people to your site or other resources by running a link. You can do this in a few clicks, which is very convenient.

  • Reels;

You can take reels off, get into recommendations, and get lots of hits. The main thing is to make a good-quality video that you would want to watch.

  • Influencer Marketing;

You can attract Influencers with a medium or large audience based on barter or regular advertising terms.


Marketing tricks have been tested by more than one Instagram user or business that wants to go online. Start with the simplest tools that don’t require much time or money. Most of the chips require only imagination and analysis. It takes a while to figure out what catches your audience’s attention the most, so experiment. Try different interactives, then include statistics and keep analyzing. You can add prices, discounts, images, text with the right font, etc. You can add prices, discounts, images, text with the right font, etc.


Some people hire specialists to promote the account using the above marketing tricks. The advantage is that you can do it yourself. And the emergence of new tricks in social networks does not stop, so it is very important to keep track of innovations and immediately put them into practice. Under any theme, Instagram tools apply, just transformed into a specific kind of activity. Get creative and use methods that will keep the user looking at stories, reels, or photos in the feed for as long as possible.

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