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10 Apps to Help with Your Writing Skills

Writing Skills

Regardless of your writing skills, there is always an app to help you. To improve your writing skills, you should be able to take advice and consistently apply all the pieces of advice. Fortunately, in 2022 there are numerous apps that are specifically designed to help students improve their writing process.

If you improve the writing process, you will improve your writing results. And this means you have improved your writing skills. Below are ten apps to help you with your writing skills.

750 Words

750 Words is ideal if you need extra motivation to excel in writing. This app automatically counts the words you have written and rewards you with points for every assignment completed in a day. Practice makes perfect, and the more you write, the higher the chances of becoming an expert in different fields. This app is highly vital for dissertation writers in improving their writing process. 


FocusWriter helps you eliminate all visual distractions, and you will easily concentrate on whatever you are writing. This app is explicitly engineered to prevent the problems of distractions. It’s a waste of time to check notifications from social media or any other site regularly. If you can’t afford deeper concentration, you can hire a writer from an essay writing service to handle your writing assignment.


Grammarly is one of the most utilized apps by students. It’s a great app that will help to shape your sentence structures and improve on how you communicate in your writing. You can type your essay on the typing space, upload it as a document or just copy and paste your work from your writing space. It will highlight all the errors you have made and give you the necessary suggestions you need to make.


If you are facing hassles with referencing and citation, then Mendeley is the best app to help you improve your referencing skills. The more you use the app, the more you will understand how citations and references should be made. Consequently, you will be able to make citations without struggling with time. All you need is to practice.


Expressing ideas is not effortless as most writers think. To express your ideas well and precisely, you must ensure that your writing is bold and clear. Do you wish to improve the clarity of your writing? If yes, then you should download the Hemmingway app. It’s an app that will help you understand the readability level of your writing. It uses color coding to highlight all areas that need to be improved for the piece of writing.


Visualization is key to improving your writing skills. MilaNote is one of the best apps to help organize your thoughts and the concepts you would like to write about. It’s an ideal app for screenwriters for general brainstorming. There are many options in this app that you can use to improve how you generate ideas for your piece of writing. You will get quick research tips and other useful tools to enhance your visualization skills.


Organization skills are very vital for every writer. With great organization skills, you can easily keep your thoughts organized. And this automatically translates to clear writing. EverNote is one of the best apps for note-taking, archiving, and task management. As a result, it will help you keep your thoughts organized as you can jot them down in one organized area.

Daily Page

Generating assignments for daily writing can be a huge task. You will soon feel bored of the whole process and likely give up quickly. The best way to keep going is by downloading the Daily Page app. This app will provide frequent writing assignments and prompts to keep on track with the writing exercise. The more you write, the more you will improve your writing skills.


There are ideas or concepts that need an in-depth explanation, to be precise. If you struggle with sentence structure or different sentence formats, you can use Popplet to help you learn all these. It’s also a great app to improve productivity and is perfect for visual organization. This helps, especially when figuring out how the sentence should be structured.


When handling a long piece of writing, it’s easier to run out of words to use, and in most cases, this results in repeating the same words too many times. Suppose vocabulary is your main downfall in essay writing! You can download Vocabology to use it when you are stuck with which words to use. It will help you define, pronounce, and how the word can be used.


You need to practice to improve your writing skills. Each of the apps discussed above will help you improve your writing skills differently. Be consistent with learning and practice whatever you learn.

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