0xprocessing Review 2022: a Great Crypto Payment Gateway

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When you realize that you need a solution for accepting and processing crypto payments, pay attention to the security and functionality of the providers that offer this type of service. Give preference to the service that convinces you of these two attributes. 0xprocessing is a crypto payment gateway that helps to accept and process digital coins conveniently, securely and efficiently. It is considered to be the most technologically advanced processor in the crypto market today.

0xprocessing is a young service, but that’s what makes it great, because it is constantly improving and offering modern solutions for businesses. In two years of uninterrupted work, 0xprocessing has provided payment acceptance to more than 300 clients with a sales of more than $100,000,000.  

Below is how 0xprocessing works.

Crypto Assets Selection for Processing

Confidence in the reliability of accepted digital coins is very important for any business. 0xprocessing has more than 40 of them today, including:

— BTC;


— DAI;

— ETH;

— and others.

And each client of the service has the ability to add a new currency for payment, the main condition is the safety of the digital asset, as well as its absence in fraudulent schemes.

Solution of Cryptocurrency Volatility Problem

To avoid the volatility problem, 0xprocessing has implemented an Automatic Volatility Risk Control System or VRCS in its service, which helps to convert incoming funds into one of the stablecoins supported by 0xprocessing:

— USDT (ERC-20, TRC-20, BEP-20);

— BUSD (BEP-20, ERC-20);


How does it work? When the customer is ready to pay, a special payment form is generated on your site or platform with a unique wallet address that specifies the purchase amount and fee. First, the amount paid goes to the processing system wallet, where the payment terms are checked. Then the amount is transferred to the store’s vault. But until then, if VRCS is enabled, the funds are converted into stablecoin. This is a fairly quick process.

5 Key Features of 0xprocessing 

1) Own blockchain infrastructure

This advantage over other crypto processors ensures transaction security, as there is no risk of third-party interference and leakage of confidential data of buyers and merchants.

2) Web3 processing

First and foremost, it’s convenience for customers. Your customer can pay for a product or service with a Web 3.0 wallet via a widget on your site or mobile wallet. You can also add information about the amount of liquidity pool, transactions, etc. through an explorer or frontend for your buyers.

Today 0xprocessing is the only provider of crypto payment system on the market that has successfully implemented this feature. Thanks to Web3 processing your business can get more trust from customers. 

3) Agency processing

Agency processing allows you to increase your audience coverage. What does this mean? You can accept payments in countries where payment systems like Mastercard or VISA don’t work.

Here’s how this feature works: the agent for whom you create an account works as an intermediary in those countries and does the tasks of depositing stablecoins into your customers’ accounts, refilling your customers’ balances, and much more. All work is synchronized through the API method, so you are always informed of what’s going on.

4) Recurring payments

With recurring payments in 0xprocessing, you can earn without any effort. When your customer subscribes to a service, his funds are automatically deducted from his wallet.

The smart contract specifies the period and amount in advance. What this gives a merchant? If you want to have a solid relationship with loyal customers, this feature is exactly right for you.

5) Static Wallet

Another convenience for your customers. In fact, it allows to pay an amount through a personal wallet. The address, as it usually happens, does not change every time, but stays the same. The client can deposit Static Wallet at any time.


We’ve looked at the main features of 0xprocessing, and to be honest, that’s already enough to integrate it. There are a lot of processors on the market, but not all of them are so good for business and its customers. 0xprocessing provides everything you need for accepting crypto payments from customers anywhere. In addition, thanks to unique and modern solutions, you can make your business more transparent and scalable. If you want to connect crypto payment acceptance, then 0xprocessing is your option.

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