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⁠Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Door Gifts for Your Next Tech Event

⁠Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Door Gifts for Your Next Tech Event

A door gift, door prize, or giveaway is an item given to event attendees as a token of appreciation for coming. The perfect door gift would leave a lasting impression of the event and reinforce your brand image in the receivers’ minds. However, selecting the ideal door gift for tech events can be pretty challenging, especially if it is your first time hosting such an event. You want the gift to be practical, resonate with the audience, and be within your budget. So, what do you do? 

Here is the correct read to help you make your choice. It offers invaluable hints for choosing the perfect door gift for your next tech event. 

Know Your Audience

If you’re selecting a door gift for your event, the first question you should answer is, “Who are the people likely to attend my tech event?” Are they young tech guys? Or elderly tech gurus with vast experience in the market? Your answer will give you a clue as to what your door gift will look like.  However, regardless of your audience experience, ensure you have items like branded phone stands, on-the-go (OTG) USB thumb drives, retractable data cable sets, and a portable phone charger readily available. These gifts are perfect for all ages and professional levels. 

Ensure it is Practical

What should come to mind are everyday items that they can use. People tend to appreciate these items above less functional ones. Besides, while using them, they’ll recollect the event and your brand and possibly talk about it with others. So, think in the line of notebooks with the inscription of your event logo, stationery holder, digital organizers, and other items that solve daily problems.

Remain Conscious of Your Brand

Whatever you wish to give, make sure it reflects your brand identity and conveys your company’s values to the attendees. That said, ensure your door gift can be easily branded to reinforce brand recall. Gift items should feature your brand’s logo and even catchphrases. T-shirts, face caps, laptop/document bags, and wristbands are just a few examples of such easily branded materials.

Portability is critical

Attendees at your tech event will appreciate gifts that are easy to carry. It would help if you did not assume everyone came in their cars and had a means of taking them along. Bulky items could be cumbersome. Innovative and portable items like foldable umbrellas, stationery sets, and a wallet, to mention a few, would do just fine.

Portray innovation 

Highlight your tech event’s cutting-edge nature by choosing innovative and trendy items. You can also think outside the box and gift some not-so-common tech items. This can include the latest gadgets or accessories that align with your audience’s nature. Items like mobile phone fans and mobile camera accessories are genuine and show innovation.

Opt for Quality over Quantity 

While watching your budget, do not be tempted to buy many low-quality items for the sake of variety. People easily spot such items or discover them during use. It’s better to buy a few high-quality, durable, and long-lasting items.

Randomly sample the gift items you purchased to ensure they meet acceptable standards. High-quality door gifts will leave a positive impression on your attendees and reflect well on your tech brand.

People who show up at tech events are likely to have personalities compared to audiences at a general social event. By identifying your audience, providing quality practical items, and showing an innovative mind, you must select the perfect door gift for your next tech event.

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