​​AEXLAB’s VAIL VR to Drop 3D AI-Generated VR Pets as NFT on Metadrop in Late November

AEXLAB—a videogame development studio focusing on virtual reality technology—is partnering with Metadrop in the upcoming release of its NFT game, VAIL VR.

AEXLAB to Drop VAILENS on Metadrop

As per a recent statement, the official auction of VAIL VR’s 3D AI-generated NFT VR pets–dubbed VAILENS–will be from November 30 to December 3rd, 2021, on Metadrop. However, players eager to gain early access to the industry-shaping game can sign up ahead of the drop. 

A majority of NFTs will be minted directly on the Metadrop platform. The rest will be reserved for early investors — 1,500 — and growing the community through contests, lottery prizes, and other marketing activities. 

Typical of every NFT, VAILENS would be unique and reside on the transparent blockchain for easy tracking and player ownership. They will be central to the VAIL VR game existing as tradable 3D PFPs with special appearances and rare attributes.

Benefits of Holding VAIL VR’s VAILENS

However, the main distinction between VAILENS and other NFTs is their role in the VR game. 

They will be fully interactable with the game at first, only responding to basic commands and touch. 

However, as the game matures and more functionalities are introduced, these NFTs would be used by players in races, combat, and other immersive activities.

Besides gaming, VAILENS holders would access VAIL VR testing phases and their social club. The latter is a server within the VAIL VR game comprising players who can directly influence the game’s development. 

Pixelated NFTs is a Tip of the Iceberg

The NFT sphere is still developing and is projected to be a multi-billion industry in the future. The confidence among analysts lies in the technology’s near-infinite applications. 

Unlike fungible tokens, every NFT item is unique and of limited supply, traceable on the blockchain. 

Accordingly, this opens up new possibilities, which have seen NFTs integrated with, among other sectors, gaming where NFTs define in-game items, placing players and developers central to the ecosystem.

While swapping of auto-generated pixelated animal-themed NFTs peak and CryptoPunks sell for millions, the ecstatic phase could be the tip of the iceberg. The merger of NFTs in 3D VR and its crucial role in the metaverse is the real deal for futuristic and optimistic gamers and developers across the board. 

VAIL VR will Change the Game for Metaverse Developers, Focus on Community and Feedback

An Information article guesstimates the metaverse to exceed $80 billion in three years by 2025. More users are also convinced that the metaverse where the 3D digital representation of objects, including individuals, is the future of the internet. 

Facebook is hiring 10,000 people in Europe to help build the metaverse to emphasize just how potent the metaverse is. Furthermore, they are doubling down, heavily investing in their Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, Oculus. The goal is to make Oculus cheaper to gamers and ordinary users, squeezing out rivals.

The foray by Facebook is an indicator of what lies ahead. If anything, virtual reality stands to be one of the biggest disruptors in the coming few years, potentially permanently changing how people communicate and travel.

Using virtual reality, it would be possible to redefine how people experience their lives, further helping in self-discovery and more thanks to the infinite possibilities presented by this technology.

Notably, with the evolution of digital avatars and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality will mark the era of video calling.

At the same time, there will be new forms of connection in the metaverse while further improving immersiveness in blockchain games, collectibles, and more. These are underexplored frontiers that AEXLAB wants to spearhead in development and actualization.

AEXLAB to Speahead the Metaverse Charge

However, it wasn’t always easy. The idea of AEXLAB goes back to 2015 when Jonathan Ovadia, an avid gamer and visionary, saw the potential of the metaverse and how virtual reality can genuinely shape gaming. Ambitious, he nonetheless failed to get funding from any venture capital firms. Still, he didn’t give up and continued to build–using his funds–guided by the fact that virtual reality was underexplored and presented a huge opportunity that would truly revolutionize entertainment, communication, and human interactions. It was so much that he nearly went broke in 2020. After researching fundraising strategies, he eventually conducted a successful crowdfund in February 2021, raising enough capital from thousands of investors.

AEXLAB now has a complete team of over six experts with development, creative, and legal wings working together to make virtual reality mainstream. Unlike most studios, AEXLAB is independent, with the technical capability of making it was initially thought to be impossible, possible.

According to Jonathan Ovadia, the co-founder, AEXLAB, together with its community, they are building a virtual world that no one saw coming:

“Despite the many challenges along the way, I remained motivated to create this high-quality virtual world that allows people to form genuine relationships, experience gaming like never before, and bring communities together.”


“What makes AEXLAB stand out among the rest is the love and trust our team puts into this project. Being the only independent VR studio, we know our work cut out for us. However, we have the freedom to creating, making the impossible possible. Together, our community is building the virtual world that no one saw coming.”

Presently, AEXLAB, the developer of VAIL VR, is taking a new modern approach and banking on the blockchain and gaming communities for success. 

According to Elizabeth Ann Clark—the AEXLAB Chief Creative Officer–the game brings new immersive, unique, and interactive experiences to gamers across the globe using VR technology. It is shaped by the feedback from the community and propped by the valueless pillars of trust and integrity. Most importantly, the VAIL VR will be AEXLAB’s premier game meant to demonstrate its technological capabilities. 

Already, AEXLAB has built experiences for, among other companies, Red Bull and Epic Games. Due to the game development studio’s laser focus on community building, they are confident that VAIL VR will be a unique game and a trendsetter in the metaverse.

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