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Videomart Launch during The Sundance Film Festival Heralds New Era in Film Streaming & Distribution


Videomart’s Debut at Sundance: A Revolutionary Shift in the Streaming and Distribution Landscape

The Sundance Film Festival, a mecca for independent filmmakers and cinephiles, witnessed the launch of Videomart, a new streaming on-demand platform that’s causing a stir in the film industry. This innovative platform, combining the convenience of Netflix with the dynamic marketplace of eBay, is leveraging blockchain technology to redefine the video-on-demand (VOD) experience.

A New Era of Empowerment and Transparency

Videomart’s model is a significant departure from traditional streaming platforms. It creates a two-way avenue that empowers users to not only consume content but also actively engage in the business side of it. Users can buy, sell, and transfer digital movies, effectively becoming direct business partners in the platform. For creators, Videomart offers an enticing package: unprecedented data transparency, direct access to fans, and a lucrative profit-sharing model. This evolution in the platform transforms traditional viewership into a dynamic, interactive marketplace.

Ferro stated, “A great point of pride for Videomart is the fact that we provide, with complete transparency, all data in respect to the distribution of the film. Who is buying it, where are they buying from, total gross…We wanted our filmmakers to have these tools to continue to grow their careers with all the metrics, and we hope this will lead to a shift of current industry practices.”


Redefining Digital Movie Ownership

What sets Videomart apart is its unique approach to digital content. It offers the simplicity of purchasing a digital movie similar to Amazon, but with the added freedom to resell it. Users can curate collector-worthy content with added extras, further enhancing the viewing experience. For creators, Videomart provides opportunities to host live streams or ticketed real-life events, further bridging the gap between creators and their audience. A significant innovation is the affiliate program, where referrals through an affiliate link can generate a 20% commission, turning word-of-mouth recommendations into a tangible asset.

A Supportive Platform for Independent Filmmakers

Videomart’s successful debut at Sundance is more than just a launch; it’s a signal of a shift in how films are distributed and consumed. The platform addresses the challenges faced by independent filmmakers in the digital age, particularly in distribution. Videomart aspires to be the go-to distribution home for independent films, especially for Latin filmmakers who often face limited opportunities in the film industry.

Building a New Table for Diverse Voices

Co-founders Fernando Ferro, Ivón Rodriguez, and Moisés Zamora take tremendous pride in their Latino roots, and with that, one primary goal they had for Videomart was to help not only independent filmmakers but specifically Latin filmmakers who don’t get the same opportunity that others in the film industry might. “We often find ourselves demanding a seat at the table. With Videomart, we’re building our own table,” said showrunner Moisés Zamora. Attendees praised the platform’s commitment to transparency, diversity, and empowering filmmakers.

A Pioneering Panel and Historic Film Debut

At a key panel held at The Cabin in Park City, Utah, industry experts grilled the founders about Videomart and the future of digital streaming. The panel highlighted Videomart’s innovative use of blockchain technology in film distribution. Ferro elaborated on Videomart’s commitment to transparency, providing creators with comprehensive data analytics to help them grow their careers. In a landmark moment, Moisés Zamora also premiered the previously unreleased film “Los Leprosos y El Sexo,” featuring El Santo, marking a historic moment in Latino cinema.


Videomart: Reshaping the Film Industry

Videomart’s launch at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival has firmly placed it as a disruptive force in the film industry. With strategic partnerships and a commitment to diverse voices, Videomart is well-positioned to make a significant impact on the global filmmaking landscape. The platform’s debut at Sundance, met with great enthusiasm and support, heralds a new era in film distribution and consumption.

The launch of Videomart at Sundance 2024 is more than just the unveiling of a new streaming service. It’s the beginning of a revolution in the entertainment industry, promising to transform how we engage with and distribute films in the digital age.

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