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Top 10 Fintech Influencers to follow on Twitter

The financial sector is undergoing a disruptive transformation and financial institutions are quickly accepting the significance of financial technology. Specialized fintech areas such as insurtech, mobile payments, blockchain and machine learning are evolving quickly making it difficult to keep up with the developments. Fintech influencers on twitter or any other social media forum provide an opportunity for you to keep pace with current developments. Significantly, a fintech influencer will have a community of followers who share information on emerging fintech trends. Chris Ghedhill lists three key characteristics of fintech influencers on social media. These are:

  • They are trusted and respected by their audience
  • They possess and share high quality information
  • They have an audience reach  

This article brings you 10 top fintech influencers on twitter who are drawn from diverse backgrounds and include venture capitalists, analysts, bloggers, journalists and other experts.

1) Chris Ghendhill

Chris Ghedhill is a London based fintech speaker, commentator and writer. He is particularly interested in disruptive technology, financial innovation and inclusion. Chris is also a CEO and co-founder of SeccoAura. So far, he has 47,684 followers on twitter and follows 45,726 people as well.

2) Brett King

Brett King resides in New York City. He has once been named the American banker and innovator of the year. Brett is an author, speaker and a host of a fintech radio show. Currently, he has 41,402 twitter followers. He also follows 7,099 people on twitter.

3) Bradly Leimer

Bradly Leimer is a practitioner and a thought leader in the digital banking space. He is the head of innovation and fintech strategy at Satander, U.S chapter. Additionally, he is a writer and speaker of technology trends as well as an advisor in financial technology and payments space. Bradly has 27,257 twitter followers and follows 19,444 people.

4) Jim Marous

Jim Marous lives in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to being a top global fintech influencer, Jim is a keynote speaker, co-publisher of the Financial Brand and owner of the digital banking report. He has 30,262 twitter followers and follows 7,339 people on twitter.

5) David Brear

David Brear is a fintech influencer from London. His main interests are fintech, insurtech and blockchain. He is not just a fintech influencer but also a fintech investor, strategist, and speaker. David has 28,672 twitter followers and follows 6,326 people.

6) Chris Skinner

Chris Skinner is a fintech writer, commentator and a keynote speaker. He is passionate about shaping the future of financial services. He is followed by 36,666 and follows 1, 413.

7) Sebastian Meunier

Sebastian Meunier resides in New York. While he is fairly new on twitter, having joined in 2015, he has 20,056 followers and follows 9,897. His interests include financial innovation, insurtech, regtech, blockchain and artificial intelligence.  

8) Elon Musk

Elon Musk is well known for his innovative solutions. He is associated with SolarCity, PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla. He hopes that traditional finance will soon be replaced by internet finance. In December 2016, then US president-elect, Donald Trump appointed him to his team of advisors. Elon has more than 8 million followers on twitter.

9) Spiros Margaris

Spiros Margaris is a venture capitalist and a senior advisor. He has been ranked number one fintech influencer by fintech Switzerland. In 2016, he was ranked by as number one fintech influencer globally.

10) Devie Mohan

Devie Mohan is a top fintech influencer and a keynote speaker on fintech innovation. She lives in London and has 22,700 followers on twitter.

There are hundreds of fintech influencers on twitter and this list is in no way exhaustive. Feel free to comment and share the names and twitter profiles of fintech influencers you know.

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