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What would be the best way to hack an iPhone if you are eager to know? iPhones have stricter security to protect personal data of the owner. But how powerful can an iPhone be hacked? Would it be easy to bypass such security? how would you monitor the user device when not in your hands? Click here to hack an iPhone

This is what we will discuss to generally understand how to hack an iPhone and the best guide to use to gain access within a few minutes.

Hackers have a hard time breaking into iPhones than android phones as the newer iPhones also always improve their security. This, however, doesn’t stop hackers from hacking into iPhones, and it is indeed possible to hack into iPhones as anything that is electronic, it will always have a possibility of being hacked.

If these hackers can hack an iPhone, so can you, as there are several different ways to hack an iPhone. Some ways may require a hacker to do the job for you as those methods would be a little harder to accomplish by yourself. Several strategies, however, are simple, and you can hack an iPhone by yourself with them. These strategies would only need you to have some basic hacking knowledge with them, and some don’t even require those. Some strategies are simple enough for anyone to do.

Reasons for hacking an iPhone

There are several instances where you have to hack an iPhone. For example, there are times where your spouse suddenly starts acting differently. They’re more on their phone, and they don’t talk to you as much.

This certainly gets you worrying if they’re cheating you or not and if they’re talking to someone else that you wouldn’t want them to talk to. Other reasons could be your kids are on their phones too much. Older kids are usually always on their phones, and it’s mostly nothing to worry about, but if your child is too young to even have a phone of their own and they’re continuously on their phone, then it gets a little alarming.

Some other reasons can be if you’re unsure if your employees are working or not and you want to keep an eye on them. If your friend seems distant and seems worried and isn’t telling you what’s up and you just want to see if they’re alright.

All these reasons can cause you to overthink a lot, and you keep on stressing as most times, asking about these things usually backfires, and the people either think you’re intruding on their personal space, are being unnecessarily suspicious or being annoying. To find out what is the answer to these questions without people knowing and without asking them, hacking is the only solution as it not only gives you an answer but also proof.

How to hack an iPhone easily

There are several methods to hack into iOS devices.

  1. Spy App: Jailbreaking and nor jailbreaking
  2. Hack someone iPhone with just phone number
  3. Hire a professional hacker
  4. Social engineering

How to hack a phone without touching it

Spy apps are the simplest approach to hacking an iPhone, especially if the person you want to hack is close to you. It requires no effort and lets you infiltrate an iPhone easily without you needing any hacking information. Spy apps can let you see each and everything on a person’s phone, from their live location to their social media texting conversations.

Using Nova spy to hack a phone remotely without touching it

The Nova spy app is one of the most flexible, useful and trustworthy apps among any other spy apps as it has several features and some spy apps don’t even have, and still, Nova spy doesn’t cost that much. It has a fairly decent price and promises and guarantees hacking phones with 100% stealth and with a 100% of success rate. Nova spy has countless features that are useful and are very handy.

  • Nova spy easily hacks social media apps, even Facebook and Twitter, which have a lot of protection with ease. With Nova spy, all the target person’s social media information is visible to you. You can see what they post and share their entire friend list, and you can even see the people they talk to.
  • Nova spy can also effortlessly hack into the online messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Twitter and Instagram messenger, Snapchat and all other similar types of apps. You can see the target person’s pictures, whom they talk to, any media that is received and any media that is sent. You can see complete conversations between what is being sent and what is being received.
  • Nova spy not only has a GPS tracker that can tell the target’s current location, but it can also tell you all of the locations the target has previously been to.

Extra features to hack into iPhone

Some extra features of Nova spy can act as a bonus as these aren’t too usable but always come in handy.

  • Nova spy can also give you access to notes, even the private notes found in iPhones. People usually have the most important information saved in these, so these always are very important to see.
  • Gallery with all of its media, including photos, videos, audio messages, are all accessible to you. Stuff that has been saved to a private folder would also be accessible.

How to hack a mobile without touching

Mobile phones have become a constant part of our lives. If something happens to them, it really feels like a part of us disappears as people put everything in their phones. Their pictures, important data, contacts, passwords, and even bank information are saved on their phones.

With the advancements of technology, not only have mobiles improved with better security and features, but methods of hacking have also been improved. In the old days, people with vast technical skills and resources used to hack but now hacking is relatively easier, especially hacking a mobile phone. You can even hack a mobile phone without even touching it.

Hiring a hacker to hack a phone easily

As some of the hacking strategies are a little complicated for you to do by yourself, hiring a hacker is a valid option. The hacker will hack the iPhone of whoever you want at a price that will be slightly expensive depending on the hacker, but you wouldn’t have to do anything.

Hiring a good, trustworthy hacker, however, is important because if you accidentally hire an untrustworthy hacker from an unknown source, you’ll possibly get yourself hacked instead. Getting yourself hacked would get you in trouble, and the consequences would be drastic, so always remember when you’re hiring a hacker, keep certain things in mind.

  • Hire a hacker from a trusted source, a known website that other people have had good experience from. Avoid websites that seem suspicious and where there’s no activity, such as people commenting about the hacker and different ratings for the hackers.
  • Hiring a hacker that has good reviews from people, has a good reputation, and that has been trustworthy to all of their clients, a hacker’s expertise is also very important. Avoiding hackers that don’t know what they’re doing is just as important as avoiding hackers who are not trustworthy.

How to hack an android phone by sending an SMS?

There are times when you’re talking to someone on text, and they’re not replying as fast as you are, their replies are late, and it makes you very anxious and curious about who they are busy texting instead of you and if they’re busy with something and aren’t telling you. You start to wonder about these things, and these worries start to make you overthink a lot.

A solution for this is hacking their phone, hacking may seem like a big step, but it’s far better than simply asking them what you’re suspicious about. Asking about your suspicions would be weird, so hacking comes off as a really quick and sneaky way to know what you’re worried about without making things bad.

If the person you want to hack has an android phone, it’ll be easier to hack them as iPhones generally have stricter security measures.

You’ve read or heard about the method to hack a phone by sending an SMS and are curious if it can be done. Yes, it can certainly be done and is possible to do. In this article, we’ll discuss mainly how to hack an android phone by sending SMS but will also discuss other possible options.

How to hack someone’s iPhone

There are a lot of times when you want to get information or find proof of something that you’re suspicious about. In this world, technology makes everything easier, but it also makes everything harder as well. Harder because due to phones all these things, you worry a lot more, for example, if someone who replies frequently and quickly hasn’t responded to you in a day. If you have a spouse or children and they’re more on their phones all of a sudden, and you don’t know why is that? Maybe a friend of yours hasn’t been feeling great, and their texts don’t have the energy as they had before.

How to hack iPhone by sending an SMS

There are several ways that you can hack an android phone. Not only are there several ways to hack an android phone, but there are some ways to hack an android phone by sending an SMS. Hacking may sound like a big task to do, as seen in movies and other media. In reality, hacking can both be simple and far complex. There are several methods where you text the person you want to hack with a link that is infected with malware. When the user of the android phone opens this link, their phone gets hacked. There are several different variations of this single strategy.


No one installs a corrupted app on their phones by themselves. To achieve such a task, you either have to send the infected app through a link via SMS, or you have to take their phone and install the app yourself manually. Now, if the person you want to hack lives with you, maybe your child or spouse or relative or sibling, then manually installing the app on their phone would be possible, but if it’s someone that lives far from you, then methods like phishing are your solution.

With phishing methods, your objective is to lure the target into accessing a corrupt infected website or link that, upon opening, will get their phone hacked, and all their credentials and other data will be vulnerable for you to access. Phishing can be done by sending an infected link through SMS texting, online messaging like by using WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and by sending an email.

how to hack an iphone remotely free

Reasons like these tend to have a drastic effect on your mental health and make you not only worry a lot but also overthink. You start to think about things that aren’t even true.

Suspicion isn’t a great thing. If your suspicion is true, then it’s alright, but what if it’s not and you go confront the person without any proof? That will look bad on you. Similarly, worrying about someone who’s close to you and if they haven’t been talking lately, that can lead you to a lot of overthinking. To solve all of these issues, hacking is an option some of us are scared to do as hacking is famous in a bad perspective, but like all things, there are good hackers that do hacking for the benefit of others and other hackers that do hacking for themselves.

In your case, it’s neither as you’re hacking to sort out your suspicions which you have to do as it’s deteriorating your mental health. So, can you hack someone’s iPhone?

Yes! You can, an iPhone even though has a lot of high security measures, but it still is hackable.

Hacking a mobile phone without touching it

Hacking is so advanced nowadays that there are apps that you can simply hack a mobile phone with. These apps are called phone spying apps that allow you to hack any mobile phone you want, whether an android or an iPhone, without even touching it. You’d be thinking that it’s probably very hard to use these apps, but luckily spyware apps are easy to use, and you don’t have to be a certified hacker to use them.

Which is the best phone spying app?

Spyware apps are a lot in variety, making it hard to trust one. You would want an easy and straightforward app that can do everything, and you’re unsure which one to pick as it’s your first time. Nova spy app is a spyware app that is perfect for hacking a mobile without touching it.

Nova spy can hack into any phone you want while simultaneously keeping you out of the radar of the person you’re hacking. Whoever you’re hacking will never suspect anything as Nova spy guarantees 100% stealth. Nova spy has countless useful features that make it the most reliable and trusted spy phone app.

What makes Nova spy the best hacking app?

Nova spy has several qualities and features that overpower other phone spying apps. For instance, Nova spy guarantees 100% stealth, is compatible with both android and iPhone and has several other remarkable features that make Nova spy a one-stop shop for your hacking needs.

Low pricing

If it’s your first time trying to hack someone’s mobile, you surely wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money as you’re anxious and unsure. Nova spy has a fairly low price than most spyware apps and a good reputation from many happy customers. This confirms that your money is going to the right place, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

No need to root your phone

If you’ve searched for spyware apps before, then for sure you’ve been led to a lot of apps that ask you to root your phone for hacking. Luckily, Nova spy is a professional hacking software that doesn’t require you to root or jailbreak your phone. Nova spy respects your privacy and easily hacks into any phone you want without jailbreaking or rooting.

Easily bypasses any phone’s security remotely

Today’s phones have higher security features than the phones that came before them. Bypassing an iPhone or Android phone security can seem difficult, but not for Nova spy as it can easily bypass any phone’s security remotely, no matter how advanced the phone is. With Nova spy, you don’t even have to touch a phone to hack it.

Friendly interface

Nova spy’s user-friendly interface is one of the many best qualities of Nova spy. It easily acquaints you with its several features, qualities, and working. You can basically call yourself a professional hacker after using Nova spy.

Best features of Nova spy

There’s a reason that Nova spy stands out the most among all the other phone spying apps. It’s because Nova spy has some of the best features and qualities, all under a very affordable price. Some of the many useful features are mentioned below:

Contact list download

You can see the entire contact list of the person you’re hacking. You can see all the contact names, numbers, call logs, and everything. What makes this feature even more exciting is that you can download the person’s entire contact list as well, so if the person even deleted a contact, the contact will be saved with you no matter what.

GPS tracker

A GPS tracker allows you to see the person’s current location as well as any other locations they have visited. Tracking the movements of someone is a super handy feature if you’re a worried parent that wants to know the whereabouts of their child in case they ever got late for home.

Know passwords and usernames with a keylogger

A keylogger allows you to view anything that a person types on their phone. With Nova spy’s advanced keylogger feature, you can see the target person’s usernames, passwords, etc. The app does this by recording every keystroke that has been made by the target on their phone. These recordings are then stored in a separate file so you can easily access them whenever you want.

Access to social media and text conversations

Nova spy allows you access to text conversations on various social media platforms as well as SMS texting. You can see the target person’s messages on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

You can also get access to the person’s social media activity too, for example, their posts, shares, friends list, and so on. This is a feature perfect to spy on the younger generation like your children.

Accessing browsing history

With Nova spy, you can even access something as secure as browsing history. You can see the complete list of the websites visited by the person you’re hacking.

Security and reliability

The most important feature. Nova spy gives you your money’s worth by guaranteeing you security and reliability. Nova spy is the most trusted and reliable phone spying app for a reason as it respects your phone’s security and details as well as the security of the person you’re hacking. Only you can access that person’s phone, and it doesn’t leave their phone vulnerable to hacking attacks. These are some of the best hidden spy app to use

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