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How Much is the Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate Today?

As the Nigerian currency to dollar exchange rate volatility continues, many Nigerians closely monitor the black market rate. With mounting economic pressures, the naira has struggled against the dollar, leading more people to seek alternative currency exchange avenues. The black market has become an essential indicator of how much the naira may further depreciate against foreign currencies. So, how much is a US dollar trading for on the Nigerian black market today?

How to get the Best Currency Exchange Rate in Nigeria

Here are some tips for getting the best currency exchange rate in Nigeria:

  1. Compare rates from different exchange bureaus and banks. Rates can vary significantly, so shop around and find the best deal. Some banks and bureaus may advertise rates online or on boards outside their branches.
  2. Know the interbank exchange rate. This is the wholesale exchange rate between banks. Getting a rate close to the official interbank rate means you’re getting a good retail customer rate.
  3. Time your exchange based on market fluctuations. Rates can shift daily and even hourly. If the naira has recently declined against a particular currency, it may be best to wait before exchanging funds.
  4. Exchange large sums of money. Exchange bureaus and banks typically offer better rates for larger transactions. Exchanging a few hundred or thousand dollars at once lowers your rate.
  5. Build a relationship with a preferred bank or bureau. Developing familiarity and loyalty with one place may lead to better customer service and the availability of higher rates.
  6. Pay attention to fees and commissions. The exchange rate margin is not the only cost. Some places charge excessive fees too. Always confirm all charges upfront.
  7. Ask if a preferable rate is available. It never hurts to politely ask a manager if they can offer you a preferential rate, especially if exchanging a large sum.
  8. Avoid exchanges at airports, hotels, and other tourist areas. These locations notoriously have the worst exchange rates and highest fees. Only exchange as a last option if needed.

The Best Nigerian Currency to Dollar Converter

Some of the best online currency to dollar converter exchange rates in Nigeria include:

1. Moniest

Moniest is an online foreign exchange platform designed specifically with Nigerian users in mind that aims to empower people by providing up-to-the-minute access to the latest currency market rates and tools for seamless conversions between the Nigerian Naira (NGN) and other global currencies like the United States Dollar. Unlike most platforms, which only showcase official rates, Moniest has a pulse on unfettered parallel market rates sourced from traders actively participating in exchange within Nigeria to showcase the most current Naira market situation. Some standout features include an intelligent currency converter for quickly converting values based on market rates prevailing in the unrestrained interbank market, visually intuitive graphs and historical charts plotting exchange rate movements over custom timelines.

2. Monieriar

Monieriar is an invaluable online open-source platform for both individuals and enterprises seeking an accurate real-time pulse on prevalent Naira exchange trends through their meticulously compiled database capturing daily trading activity across licensed interbank dealers, regulated commercial banks, and the buzzing parallel markets in order to conveniently offer multiple conversion tables between the Nigerian Naira and over a hundred global currencies backed by historical charts plotting currency fluctuation trends over custom timeframes for informed analytical insights on determining optimal periods for foreign transactions.

3. Gridleyco

Gridleyco is an online platform focused specifically on providing accurate and reliable exchange rate data between the Nigerian Naira (NGN) and other global currencies.

Moniex also provides personalized rate alerts, a first-of-its-kind Naira-focused news blog with cutting-edge analyses of homegrown FX dynamics, as well as competitive street rates for difficult-to-track exotic currency pairs to offer a uniquely Nigerian perspective that eliminates reliance on international platforms built for foreign exchange.

5. Abokifx 

Abokifx has established itself as a pioneering homegrown online foreign exchange rate portal trusted by millions of Nigerians due to its ability to reflect prevailing market realities by sourcing live black market input from extensive crowdsourced data gathering networks spread across thriving commercial centres countrywide to deliver timely parallel exchange rate indicators, archives, and analyses to empower individuals and SMEs to neutralize volatility risks when making critical investment decisions involving the naira.


By offering the reliable FMDQ NAFEX fixing, an influential benchmark rate derived from aggregated quotes by accredited FX dealers on an online platform that reflects current pricing trends and the true prevailing interbank market sentiment among liquidity providers, FMDQ Group has solidified its position as a respectable market facilitator, promoting transparency in exchange rate determination for the naira. To enable consumers and businesses to make informed decisions in the face of exchange volatility, this daily reference rate is an anchor for online currency converters and fair market value analytics.


Understanding the current black market dollar-to-naira rate offers a sobering look at the Nigerian currency’s ongoing challenge. With today’s exchange settling around the naira to the dollar, analysts expect external and domestic factors to place further pressure on the naira in the near term. Still, if circumstances improve and stabilize, Nigeria’s currency could regain some lost ground over time. Monitoring the underground exchange rate provides key insights during economic uncertainty.

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