10 Essential Gadgets for Business Pros

CES 2020 is one of the biggest tech conferences. The conference attracts 170,000 attendees and over 4,000 vendors from across the world. There was all kind of gadgets for everyone, from writing services like to business owners. Below are some impressive tech gadgets featured at the convention that your business can use.

1) Trova Go

The Trova Go gadget is like a safe for your other devices. It connects to an app that alerts the user when their safe gets unlocked. It also shows where the gadget was previously. It is portable and light. You can hook to your phone via Bluetooth. The user can open the safe using a passcode or via biometrics.

2) Fitterdesk by Fitterlab

The Fitterdesk is a smart and convenient working desk. The user controls it via a smartphone app. It has a stand and sits reminder that professionals can use to track the total time spent either standing or sitting. It also calculates the total calories burnt by the user in actual time. 

3) Razer Sila 

Razer launched the Sila 5G Homebased Router model at the CES 2020. The device has high speeds and is tailor-made for gamers. However, it is not limited to gaming. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery suitable for a mobile hotspot.

4) The Elite Active

Jabra released their Elite Active wireless earbuds (75t) at CES 2020. The new model is smaller has an improved IP rating. Its battery has a longer life in comparison to the former model. The gadget is custom-made for fitness enthusiasts. But, traveling professionals may find it useful too. The earbuds are ideal for long air travels and conferences.

5) Think-smart

The Lenovo Thinksmart is tailor-made for remote workers. Its view allows mobile workers to create video and audio Microsoft Teams calls from anyplace. 

6) The HeatBox Lunch Box

Heatbox has a new lunch box that will help your lunch to retain heat during your workday. You can operate this thermal lunch box through your smartphone application. The gadget is watertight and rechargeable. 

7) The Antimicrobial Screen

Corning and OtterBox presented their antimicrobial screen guard. The device is ideal for mysophobes. The Otterbox screen guard claims to eliminate 99.9% of surface germs.

8) The Wireless Charger by PopSockets PopPower

The fresh wireless charging plug can securely fit a cell phone that has a PopSockets PopGrip. PopGrips have collapsible clasps attached to the rear side of your smartphone. The everyday smartphone user does not need to decide whether to carry their wireless charger or PopSockets. The same applies to professionals.

9) The Biz Speaker

The Biz speaker is perfect for both teleconferencing and entertainment. It is ideal for the boardroom table and remote working.

10) The Sun Visor

The smart, transparent, flip-down LCD screen by Bosch helps block glare and the sun from drivers. The RGB camera facing the driver tracks the glaring sun using AI. It uses the algorithm to track the driver’s eyes and then provide shade.


Not all featured products at the CES 2020 exhibition are strange. As we have seen, there are several that can work for you and your business. They are both practical and useful in the business world. If you feel like these gadgets might now be enough for you, check out business homework answers to make your business as good as possible.

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