Where to Find New NFT Drops

People jumping into the crypto market has increased since Bitcoin exploded in 2013. Now, the new hype is around NFT’s or non-fungible tokens. There are so many digital artists today creating and selling their own NFTs. That everyone is always on the prowl for the next NFT drop.

That is because purchasing at the time of the drop can save you money. Many NFT drops will also have a purchase limit on the number of minted NFTs per transaction. 

So you need to know where to find new NFT drops. Lucky for this article is here to help.

The Best Places for NFT Drops

Some people think that finding NFT drops are difficult. But, if you know where to look, you may even witness multiple NFT drops occurring. That said, below are the best places to find NFT drops.

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Social Media

One of the best places for NFT drops is social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Big brands and even solo artists will try to promote their NFTs as much as possible and social media is the best place to do it. All you have to do is follow the brands, artists, and other notable people who are active members of the NFT community to get the latest updates on when the next drop will occur.

Instant Messaging 

Discord, Messenger, and other platforms are also superb places for you to find out when new NFT drops will occur. It would be best to join a group chat where NFTs are a common topic. So you can increase your chances of discovering a new NFT drop.

Word of Mouth

Even though you can find out about the latest drops on the internet for NFTs, you can still get word of them from people. You just need to make friends with active people in the NFT market. They might even share some knowledge with you.


The metaverse is also another place to find out about new NFTs dropping. They can sometimes be posted on these platforms for users to view. And in the future, they’ll likely become a commodity in the metaverse.


Podcasts that talk about the latest trends and updates in the crypto community are also a good place for you to find out about the latest drops. You might even find some in podcasts that talk about marketing, investments, and technology.


Marketplaces like OpenSea have highlighted drops daily. You can also check the rankings of marketplaces to look at what’s trending.

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Scams in the NFT Market

Nobody likes scams. But there are so many in the crypto market lately like Squid Token that you need to stay vigilant or, you’ll be the next victim.

Below are some common scams that are likely to happen in the NFT space:

Rug Pull 

Occurs when someone creates a project then abandons it quickly after gaining a significant amount of money. 

You can easily spot a rug pull by spending time in the project’s community. 

Go to their social media and communication platforms to feel how active the brand is. If they aren’t, it would be best to do some more snooping around first.

Fake Sites 

These sites hide in plain sight on the internet and can look like real sites posting NFT drops. But once you connect your wallet, they’ll steal all your assets.

To avoid them, always check the URL. And don’t visit untrusted sites.

Fake Brands 

Fake brands will drop counterfeit NFTs that look like the original. They can be in marketplaces and social media so, ensure that the brand name is correct before you purchase an NFT.

Direct Messages 

 Scammers can message you, your group chat, or email you and claim to be someone they are not. That is why if you receive any suspicious messages, do not give them any of your personal information or secret phrases.


NFT drops are like the opening day of a business. They create marketing tactics to spread the news and advertise on different platforms. And the ones above are where you’ll find the latest drops. But it’s a must to stay vigilant because there can be plenty of scammers out there. That is why if you know someone who wants to join the NFT space, share this article with them. So they stay informed. 

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