Want to Invest in a New Cryptocurrency? Here’s What You Should Know

Valorem foundation is a multilayered platform with the aim of performing transactions on several industries. The Valorem foundation ICO began on the 15th of December, 2017 and is set to end on the 30th of March, 2818. Currently,  a total of 19,187,252 VLR tokens have been sold out of the 200,000,000 VLR tokens allocated to be sold.

The Pre-ICO exclusive sale began on the 12th of December and users were given 100% bonus once the ICO became live. Several other bonuses were made available after the Pre-ICO sale, and they are as follows: Week 1-2=50% bonus,  Week 3-4=20% bonus,  Week 5-6= 15% bonus, Week 7-8=10% bonus, Week 9-10=5% bonus. The 50% bonus for week 1-2 is set to end in 21 days.

Valorem foundation is a multilayered platform that supports different types of transactions from buying to selling to investing of the VLR tokens. Valorem foundation is a decentralized platform that makes use of the Ethereum blockchain technology to perform transactions across different industries. The price goes for 1ETH=1000VLR. The entire basis of the Valorem platform is to provide solutions for the various financial problems that exist most especially loan.  There are various features that this platform is set to have upon completion of the ICO campaign and they are outlined below.


Valorem platform is set to become a decentralized platform where users would be able to find financial aid for different types of loans. This, therefore, removes the need for banks and other financial institutions. The Valorem platform is built on trust as several security measures are carried out. Trust is built by the functions of the users on the decentralized platform. Several types of loans from microloans to student loans to car loans can be gotten from this platform. Microloans can be gotten once a certain percentage of trust is built between users of the platform and more loans can be given when the user has gained more authenticity on the platform.

Business investment and Insurance

Valorem platform is multilayered which enables users to perform quite some actions on it. Investment opportunities will also be available on this decentralized platform as well. This platform is set to perform various financial services across several industries like the insurance industry.

Crowdfunding and charity

Crowdfunding is a popular way of soliciting for funds and valorem will provide a platform for users to be able to do Crowdfunding so that they can solicit for funds for various reasons. This platform will also provide opportunities for charity organizations to also solicit for funds. The key thing to remember about this platform is that users must first gain the trust of the other peer users so that transactions can be made.

Buying and selling of goods

This platform is set to make buying and selling of goods and services possible with the use of the VLR token. This platform has several layers that perform different functions. Valorem platform upon completion of the ICO campaign is set to perform these tasks and change the face of financial transactions for the better.

Valorem foundation ICO is set to end on the 30th of March, and there are over 100, 000,000 VLR tokens yet to be purchased. This decentralized currency is set to become the new limit for currency exchange as the platform will perform quite some financial activities.

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