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Virtual Phone Numbers: What You Need to Know in 2024

As more and more companies are shifting to remote or hybrid type of work setups, getting phone numbers from local telecom providers isn’t the best way to go about things.

And let’s face it — with more of us working from all different locations, finding traditional landlines can be a challenge. So, how can businesses keep the lines of communication open with customers, prospects, and colleagues, no matter where they’re based?

The answer: Virtual phone numbers

Let’s find out what virtual phone numbers are, how they work, and how you can get one for your business in just a few minutes

So, what exactly are virtual phone numbers?

Think of them as phone numbers that aren’t tied down to a specific location. Some people even call them softphones or virtual landlines.

With virtual business phone numbers, you’re using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), meaning you can make calls over the internet instead of relying on traditional phone lines. So, whether you’re using data or Wi-Fi, any kind of internet connection works.

And here’s the best part: to people calling you, it’s just like dialing a regular old telephone number. No fancy tech talk required.

Types of US Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers come in various types to suit different business needs and preferences. Here are some of the most common types:

Local Numbers: Local numbers have area codes specific to a specific region or city. They give businesses a local presence in that area, making it easier for customers in that area to recognize and trust the business.

Toll-Free Numbers: Toll-free numbers allow callers to reach a business without incurring any charges. These numbers typically start with prefixes such as 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 or 833. They are often used for customer service hotlines or sales lines to make it convenient for customers to reach the business.

Vanity Numbers: Vanity numbers are personalized phone numbers that spell out a word or phrase. For example, 1-800-BURGER. These numbers are easy to remember and can be a great marketing tool for businesses.

International Numbers: International numbers have country specific dialing codes, allowing businesses to basically establish a presence in other countries. They let customers in those countries contact the business without incurring international calling charges.

Temporary Numbers: These are basically disposable phone numbers that can be used for a specific period or purpose, such as marketing campaigns, event registrations and so on. They provide privacy and security for users and can be deactivated once they are no longer needed.

How To Get a US Virtual Phone Number Online

1. Choose between local and toll free numbers

First decide whether you want a local or toll free virtual number. And then, search for virtual phone numbers here. 

2. Pick a VoIP plan

Once you narrow down on a number, select a VoIP plan that meets your requirements.

3. Fill out the form

Fill out all the necessary information and sign up.

4. Download our apps and configure your settings

Download our web and mobile apps. You will receive your account information via email.
Log in using your ID and password. Configure your phone menu, voicemail greetings, business hours and more.

5. Good to go

Your virtual USA phone number is now setup, and you can start calling and texting!

Why business go with virtual phone numbers

Getting more people to answer calls

One sweet benefit of having a virtual phone number is how it can give your business that local feel, even if you don’t have a physical presence there in that location.

So, imagine this: you can get a local number for your business and place it on places like Google My Business—no office required. And, when your caller ID shows up with a local number, people are more likely to pick up the phone when you call.

Use it from anywhere

Now, with traditional phone numbers, you’re usually stuck with one number for one physical phone. But with virtual phone numbers and cool systems like iTeleCenter, you can make and take calls on a virtual number from your mobile, desk phone or even your computer.

No more being tied to your desk just to catch a call. Need to dash out for errands? With the mobile app, your business number rings straight to your mobile.

All you need is one phone

With the mobile app, you can now get a virtual phone number right on your personal mobile. Let’s say you’re running a interior business, your clients can reach you anytime, anywhere, on your existing personal mobile. No more carrying 2 phones.

Save on costs

Now, let’s talk money. Traditional landlines .. They’ll hit you with upfront costs for all the hardware, plus rental and maintenance fees, and don’t even get started on the extra lines for expansion.

But with virtual phone numbers, you can say goodbye to extra fees. No equipment fees, no rental headaches. Just a simple monthly or yearly plan, and you’re good to get started. Plus, adding or removing users is easy, so you’re only paying for what you need. Easy on the wallet, easy on the mind.

Get a virtual number in minutes

iTeleCenter has been around since the early days and is built specifically for entrepreneurs and small businesses. You can get a US virtual phone number right on your existing cellphone.

To get your US virtual phone number for your business, all you have to do is start off a 14-day free trial, download the iTeleCenter app, and you’re good to go.

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