Venezuela’s most important crypto-conference is back: Caracas Blockchain Week is announced for October

The Caracas Blockchain Week conference is set to host its second edition of the only international Bitcoin and Web3 event in Venezuela. Scheduled to take place from October 24 to 28, the event follows the triumph of its inaugural conference in the Caribbean nation. After a successful first edition that established the conference’s international prominence, the organizers have excitingly revealed their plans to repeat the event in the city of Caracas, recognized by many as the crypto capital of the world due to its remarkable adoption rates of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Caracas Blockchain Week will be a unique gathering for the crypto users and pioneers of the region.


“Learn, Build, Use and Adopt”


In the midst of the current market situation, which many have called a “bear market”, the organizers of Caracas Blockchain Week have determined it is a time to “build”, and with this thought in mind they have focused the conference and experiences around it to be a space of academia, learning and most importantly a space of usage; In the conference, participants and attendees can learn, build, use, and adapt crypto tools to the challenging economic realities.


Ernesto Contreras, co-founder of the conference, mentioned “for years I have learned that the best networking, the best products, and real users are built during tough times in the market, because in these times we have only those who really want to learn and build solutions; for this reason, Venezuela, which is a the leading market in crypto adoption, is the ideal place to HACK the developments that will guide the real adoption of the next 10 years in crypto; therefore we decided to add as a main pillar of the conference a segment for building and development”, said  the co-organizer to the vision of “BUILD” that will be established in this second edition of the Caracas Blockchain Week.


The only international Bitcoin & Web3 conference in Venezuela

The essence of Caracas Blockchain Week lies in its mission to showcase the potential for crypto adoption and innovation in geographies where it is most essential. This commitment is precisely why the event finds its home in Venezuela. The conference will once again bring together both global and domestic thought leaders as the Caracas Blockchain Week has consistently highlighted the importance of bringing the best speakers to see firsthand what crypto adoption means.


This year’s conference maintains this tradition, and will be gathering top speakers from Venezuela and from LatAm countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, and beyond. Their presence serves a dual purpose: to unveil to the Venezuelan audience the latest strides within the dynamic crypto ecosystem, and to offer international attendees a firsthand understanding of crypto’s integration within economies grappling with severe inflation and complex financial landscapes.



1st crypto Hackathon of Venezuela


In addition to the most important national, international keynotes, fireside chats and discussion panels, this year’s event introduces an unparalleled innovation: Venezuela’s inaugural crypto-hackathon. This groundbreaking addition is made possible through a strategic collaboration with the esteemed development firm, Think and Dev.

As a result, the country is set to host the inaugural “King of Devs Venezuela” competition, marking an exciting new chapter in the realm of crypto-driven development.


Think&Dev is a Dev Shop specialized in high-complexity systems, with the mission of providing technological and business solutions to companies and entrepreneurs. Their ‘King of Dev’s’ hackathon is recognized as a top event of its kind in Latin America; thanks to this alliance, the Caracas Blockchain Week will provide an opportunity for national developers and builders to present their ideas in front of the great protocols of the world.


So far, mentors, judges and participants from the crypto ecosystems and VCs from Polkadot, Dash, Hive and Solana have been confirmed, in addition to this experience; developers will have the opportunity to win crypto prizes, gifts, and bonuses that will be distributed by the different projects participating in this hackathon, valued in thousands of dollars.


To keep up to date with all the news coming with this second edition of the main crypto conference in Venezuela, you can be part of the CBW community on the website.

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