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In this age of blockchain and decentralization, every organization is finding a niche to fill. To be the first one to offer something on a platform or a portal and power it with tokens and coins. You will find financial systems, food sales, exchanges, electrical power sales, freelancing- even matchmaking. With new and newer ways to attract investors in their ICOs, organizations are now touching strange and absurd areas.

Out of the blue, comes Valorem. A platform to end all platforms. A portal for all. Valorem does a complete 180 and does not go for a specific industry or an area of the market to cater. It plans to become a massive, single, all under one roof marketplace for the world.


The team has described Valorem’s goal as to create a seamless, quick, blockchain verified and smart contract approved transaction system.

The Valorem is based on the Ethereum system and utilizes the most powerful autonomous programming to deliver everything one can imagine.


Volarem intends to introduce its services in phases, ensuring that a user or the platform is not overwhelmed:


  • Microloans: Peer to peer banking style microloans to people who cannot afford loans due to no collateral
  • Rent: The popularity of cryptocurrency among the younger people is immense. With the tech-savvy generation adopting crypto money, landlords should have the option of getting paid in one.
  • Car Loan: Most of the world is not developed and has access to good transportation. With car loans, people will be able to afford vehicles for personal and business use.
  • Student Loan: Universities around the world can connect through Valorem and reach out to students who have genuine need of money to pay for education.
  • P2P Payment: Blockchain carries information- and that can be a value of money, as Bitcoin is. Direct payment to people without time and money consuming banking methods will overtake traditional financial systems.


  • Goods Sales: Breaking the hold of major corporations by letting users sell goods directly to each other.
  • Small Business Investing: Users can invest in small businesses running on Valorem.
  • Crowd Funding: Have a business idea that will be the next big thing? Valorem will allow crowdfunding of innovations and ideas.


  • Charity: Banking channels will take their portion of the fee and if the money transferred is lesser than needed. Valorem will allow instant and full transfer of money to charities.
  • Insurance: one of the most lucrative business in the world, insurance has great potential for profits. However, for the user, claiming is a nightmare. With smart contracts, this will be easy and automated from the comfort of home.


The fourth phase is of maintaining the environment and upgrading the infrastructure, adding more features and increase in sales team.

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