Valorem Platform ICO is One of the Cryptocurrency ICOs you Cannot Miss in 2018

Valorem is a decentralized blockchain that governs itself by establishing trust between all users utilizing verifications via the Valorem Platform. Implementation of smart contracts from Ethereum the ever-expanding Valorem platform allows for an array of services via our cryptocurrency. In order to use the platform, a user must exchange their tokens into the VLR and then they are able to use the platforms functions. As trust is built, and more features from Phases 2, 3 & 4 are added, the user will be able to do more.

Our vision is simple; we want more buying power, we want to create an ecosystem that generates value and we will do that by adding users, vendors, partners, trade’s people, and various other interests that will allow us to keep exchange on the platform a valuable one.  In summary, we want to create and add-value. Value must be estimated & proportionate to the goods and transactions concerned. Valorem platform will be a decentralized blockchain hub where all sorts of transactions can take place. Users can use our technology to start businesses, become their own payment processing company, allow lending, and so much more. The purpose of Valorem is to be a platform of simplicity and transparency for both parties of a transaction. The Valorem token is called the VLR.

There will be a product before the crowd sale finishes and it will be the first of four or more versions. It will contain a dashboard for users to explore. The update after that will have the following services available: Microloans, Car Loans, Student Loans, Rent Payment, Peer to Peer Management via Host.

Before we started, we evaluated using the ETH or BTC, we quickly found that due to the importance of being able to implement our rules and specific requirements would involve us to fork them. We opted against that and thought it best to start with a clean slate. Our utility token VLR will be valued at 1 ETH = 1000 VLR. We believe that is a good starting point for us to measure closely to the value perceived by the public.

The other reason we opted to create our own currency is that we believe that we can maintain and grow the value via massive utilization of our platform. We are already in talks with property owners, business owners and key figures in the space to start utilizing the platform as soon as it is live. We need their feedback to improve it. We believe that the value-added approach that we have mapped out will dramatically increase the value of the VLR once community realizes the platforms true potential.

The Valorem Foundation is well equipped with strong legal advisors as well as strong regulatory contacts. The Foundation truly believes in diversity and decentralization to create a business. We have numerous people developing our blockchain tech, but at the same time it has been our experience that best ideas come from outside influences, people who are credible and have real world knowledge and applicable knowledge. While they all know the concept of the blockchain and the value it brings. They are also highly vested in building a strong value based platform. These people bring different life experiences to the platform and we are lucky to have such a strong and committed panel of experts to help guide this project.

Our business model is simple. Create an ecosystem where users, vendors, product and service providers of all kinds can come together and grow. By creating an enormous value adding technology we are looking for longevity and retention.

We need all participants to advise us on our Slack and Bitcointalk channels of improvements we must make. Valorem Foundations success is a direct result of your input, effort and participation. Please contribute to the success of this innovative platform so we may all succeed together.

For more information, and participation in their Pre-Sale and ICO today kindly visit:

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