Valorem: The Multi-Purpose Cryptocurrency Platform

The digital currency world has been on a roll since it was introduced and now a new cryptocurrency platform has emerged that hopes to bring private individuals, traders, vendors and many other businesses into the digital space. The new platform is known as “VALOREM”. Like many others, this platform comes with a token known as VLR.

The Valorem Platform

You might be wondering what Valorem is, that’s easy! Valorem just like many other cryptocurrencies is a decentralised blockchain whose establishment was based on creating trust between individual users using the Valorem Platform as a means of verification.

The Valorem blockchain is specialised in stabilizing value-based transactions and exchange. It was developed as a multi-layered platform that will not only disrupt but also expand global services such as car loans, rent payment, microloans, student loans, peer-to-peer networks, business investments, insurance, crowdfunding of real estates, and the sales of various good and services.

Using Ethereum in implementing smart contracts, the Valoran platform is able to accommodate a number of services on its blockchain. All users have to do to use the platform is exchange their tokens into the Valorem token known as VLR. After that they can gain full access to all the functions of the platform. Over time as trust and membership grows, more features will be added to the platform which uses can benefit from.

The Valorem Vision

The vision of the Valorem platform is simple – to expand the buying power of the world of digital currencies, and build a community that continuously generates value. How does it do this? By including not only users but also traders, partners, vendors and many other individuals that will keep exchanging on the platform. The Valorem platform proportionate and estimates the value attached to various goods and transactions that occur within the network. This way it creates and adds value, which invariably makes it invaluable.

As a core decentralised blockchain, the platform will act as a centre for carrying out all sorts of transactions in the digital space. It can be used to start businesses, lend money, become a self-owned payment processing company, and many more.

Generally, the purpose of the Valorem platform is to make transactions involving digital currencies more simple and transparent for the parties involved.

Currently the Valorem Foundation has a soft cap of $5,000,000 and hard cap of $15,000,000 with over 21,744,285 VLR reserved, which is over 20% of the total supply of VLR. This goes to show that when the ICO closes and the platform comes live later this year, the tokens will be in the hands of the community.


The Valorem platform was introduced for one simple reason – to build a community of various individuals, service providers, as well as vendors, and create and generate enormous value that would make digital currencies relevant for a long time. And with the VLR token, this is a definite reality.

With the backing of a team of well-experienced blockchain experts, efforts, input, and participations has been put into creating a platform that specialises in not just decentralisation but also diversity in creating businesses.

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