Valorem Member Portal is Now Open.

Valorem is a collaborative e-commerce and value-based decentralized platform built on the blockchain. The USA based system founded by Val Kleyman, CEO of the platform, aims to foster and promote peer to peer interactions between users on the platform and by extension, the global marketplace. These interactions and participation in the activities of the global market will be fuelled by cryptocurrency which is now rivaling their mainstream and popular fiat counterpart.

The Valorem Member Portal was previously only available to existing investors, now, we are permitting full-scale registration for all investors. Members who register will be able to see their contribution once it’s verified by our team. The portal is only for Investors who wish to purchase VLR tokens before the ICO ends.

The Valorem Foundation token – VLR token was created as the currency to facilitate and enhance commerce in the global trade market while being used to manage transactions on the platform. VLR is utility token based on the ERC20 standard. VLR tokens can be used for future transactions involving buying and selling of goods and services, investments, loans, charity and everything else. In time, it is expected that the tokens will encompass any and all future transactions a user would require in their everyday life. The ICO of Valorem tokens is currently active and will remain so for much longer, about a period of 3 months to end on June 28, 2018.

Features and services

  • Valorem creates an exchange platform for various currencies, as well as hosting benefits to help users create their own branded and specific ecosystem with the VLR token.
  • Valorem foundation offers the VLR tokens which will serve as a medium of exchange for the Valorem platform.
  • Valorem features a multi-layered platform that will sustain the steady growth of the VLR tokens.
  • The platform uses a peer to peer network system that provides for easier transactions with a wider reach.
  • Valorem creates a blockchain-verified easy and seamless smart contracts approved transaction system.

Problems solved

  • The Valorem Foundation addresses the goods and services markets. Here, Valorem will disrupt the marketplace removing the need for reliance on large companies’ systems and allow users to transact with each other directly, via the VLR token.
  • The Valorem platform fixes the centralization of e-commerce. Using the decentralized smart token – VLR token, Valorem will build and support the growth of competitive platforms that will vitally disrupt the big centralized players.
  • Valorem solves the problem of tedious loan acquisition process especially pertaining to microloans. Valorem will provide a user-friendly and smooth interface for loan acquisition on a to peer to peer management level.
  • Valorem salvages the poorly structured and funded small business platforms by providing a wider array of financial services including microloans to these businesses.

What makes Valorem unique?

  • Valorem brings decentralization, transparency, and accountability into e-commerce via the blockchain technology.
  • Valorem provides users with a seemingly unlimited supply of investors to choose from for development projects.
  • VLR tokens have a limited supply, an increase in demand will not see an increase in supply, so while demand builds up, the value of the token will increase as well.
  • The platform will serve as a single platform for all financial transactions, thereby allowing users to benefit.


The goal of the Valorem foundation is to provide its users with a feature-rich system with great tools that they can use to generate ideas and fund projects based on those ideas.


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