Valorem : Blockchain, Loans, P2P Networks, Investing, Marketplace, Insurance and Charity. ICO is still live!

The Valorem foundation provides a decentralized platform enabled by smart contracts of the blockchain to allow users engage in cryptocurrency-based transactions and exchanges. The transactions between users are facilitated by an ERC20 standard token called VLR token. These tokens are unique to Valorem and are will allow users transact effectively and access other services on the platform.

What does the whitepaper/website look like?

Valorem’s whitepaper published on the 28th of September 2017 is a 34 page thorough report of the goals and objectives of the project. Other than the objectives of the platform, the whitepaper also contains various complementary resources like the financial model, ICO analysis, institutional studies and several more. The explanations are supported with facts, pictures, tables, charts and illustrations all colourfully embedded to improve the reading experience.

The Valorem website is an equally exhaustive review of the foundation. The dark theme enhanced with bright colours along with the properly organized lay out all come together beautifully to give the website a simple yet efficient interface. The menu bar gives a cross-section of the categorized components for easier and faster navigation. The website also features a countdown timer to the ICO deadline as well as a YouTube video ad for the platform. Certain points from the whitepaper are reemphasized on the website with the inclusion of contact links to their social media pages.

How transparent is the team?

Valorem is headed by Val Kleyman, the founder and CEO of the platform. The entire team comprises of 17 members with proficiency in their various fields of expertise including web development and design, marketing and social media development, e-commerce and logistics, blockchain architecture and a plethora of others. Almost all the team members are linked to their LinkedIn profile, a contributing factor in a show professionalism and legitimacy. Also in the ICO token budget, the team allocates only 10% of the total token supply to the administration. Leaving a large deal of the tokens to the team usually spells scam for potential investors. The team is quite responsive on social media with online profile on at least six social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

Is the ICO showing signs of regulatory compliance?

The ICO of VLR Tokens is live and is scheduled to come to an end on the 28th of June 2018 after 6 months of token sales. The tokens are sold at 1000 VLR to 1 ETH with a hard cap of $15 million USD. On the regulatory compliance of the ICO of VLR Tokens, Valorem is properly equipped with several legal advisors and regulatory contacts on the team to guide the platform against illegal and unauthorized transactions with investors. That being said, the token sale accepts accredited investors from all over the world. However, potential investors must certify that they are investing in a professional capacity and are considered as accredited investors or variations of these sorts in their respective countries.

How disputable are the company’s claims?

The Valorem Foundation is creating one unique platform that will cater for all transactions in its native cryptocurrency – the VLR tokens. The company claims that these VLR tokens will supposedly be free from the price fluctuations often experienced with fiat currency in the market. Acting out on those claims, the company only created a limited supply of VLR Tokens meaning at any point in time in the market, no more than 200 million coins will be in circulation. The limited supply and liquidity is expected to drive up demand which will, in turn, increase the value of the tokens to the benefit of the token users and the platform as a whole.

How clear is the roadmap?

The development roadmap of the Valorem Foundation is well structured and easy to comprehend. The roadmap begins with the pre-development and code testing phase which was completed as of August 2017. The last step of the development plan is the product expansion which will take place after all four phases of the development plan must have been accomplished. On completion of the ICO, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will be released into the market with limited features as a test run to analyse the operability of the system.

The framework of the Valorem Foundation is built around creating an ecosystem that will not just generate value but also add value for the users’ benefit. From basic day to day transactions like selling a product to more complex and demanding ones like purchasing insurance, Valorem will provide its users with tools to help them fund and manage projects.

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