Valorem is Adding More Value to the Crypto Market in 2018

Blockchain technology is breathing new life into various industries, with banks, money transfer systems, payment networks and even asset exchanges looking for new ways to adopt distributed ledger technology. The new technology allows for more transparency, security, and ease in financial transactions.

Valorem Foundation is a Blockchain start-up specialising in stabilized value-based exchange and transactions. Expected to launch its new cryptocurrency platform soon, the start-up has developed a multifaceted platform to expand and disrupt the following services: microloans, student loans, car loans, p2p networks, business investing, crowdfunding, buying/selling of goods, insurance and charity.

When asked to explain the idea behind Valorem Foundation, CEO & Founder Val Kleyman  said that:

“Valorem Foundation was created in the same spirit as the Valorem principle, which is to be strong in life and to be valuable. We all know about the decrease in fiat money’s buying power and the younger generation’s lack of faith in financial institutions, so we need to create a currency that people can trust. Millennials need an easy way to invest, make purchases, pay rent and buy the things they are interested in outside of the centralized systems we have today. We think Valorem fills that need. We are the niche platform for the 99 per cent.”

There are difference and advantage of Valorem compared to the others in the market. It is built on Ethereum Blockchain ERC-20 with Zero Coin Protocol and operates on a simple principle: value given should equal value received. Valorem has developed a system for every person to share ideas, services, products and be part of an ecosystem that can truly help develop and preserve their personal wealth.

If you want to participate in an ever-expanding global marketplace that supports selling, buying, investing and exchange of VLR tokens, Valorem was developed with you in mind. Valorem will allow all transactions to be verified and stored on the blockchain via the Zero Coin Protocol.  Think of microloan, investing, insurance, and everything in between, Valorem is a blank canvas that is expected to encompass any future transactions user would require in their daily life.

Unlike banks, Valorem will facilitate peer-to-peer lending. Once logged onto its platform, a user can make a request for a loan to the community. Community members within the platform will see the request and make offers. The borrower will have an opportunity to choose between multiple offers. If lenders want to hedge their default risk, the platform will allow them to buy insurance.

Valorem is also set to disrupt the rental space. Landlords, tenants, and guests can create accounts on the Valorem platform.  One benefit of using the platform is its ease of use. Valorem blockchain ledger will keep track of all transactions between landlord and tenant; therefore, improving and simplifying rent collection.

If you’re an investor, it is important to note that Valorem is not just a loan platform. In 2019, the company will release its combined crowdfunding, e-commerce and investment platform, which will allow the users to sell and buy goods, invest in securitized assets, and crowdfund their daily expenses on the Valorem Foundation blockchain. Next year, the company will release its charity and insurance funding platform, which will allow community members to make donations and insure themselves for concerns and causes they care about.

Valorem team is comprised of industry professionals with many years of experience in relevant fields. The team consists of many people and has a wide range of expertise in blockchain technology, marketing and communication. CEO & Founder Val Kleyman is real estate & cryptocurrency investor, sales & marketing professional, developer, partner, and entrepreneur.

In recognition of its transformative technology, Valorem Foundation is already listed on Bitscreener, CryptoRated, ICO Expert, ICO Digest, and BitcoinExchangeGuide. For more information and to participate in their Pre-Sale and ICO, visit them at The Valorem Foundation.

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