Valorem ICO – Last Minutes to the End of Valorem Foundation 50% Token Sale

Blockchain has paved a way for the emergence of a number of unique innovations, and these innovations do not just apply to the digital world, but they have found a way to include real-world applications. While most of these cryptocurrencies have only focused on investors and private individuals, a new cryptocurrency platform has emerged with the aim of bringing not only private individuals but also traders, vendors and many other businesses into the digital space. This new cryptocurrency platform that is using the blockchain technology to achieve this is known as the Valorem Platform.  

The Valorem Platform

Being a Startup in the world of cryptocurrency a lot of people are not really aware of what Valorem is all about. But here is a brief detail of what Valorem entails.

Valorem, like many other cryptocurrency platforms is a decentralised blockchain that was launched to create a new level of trust between individual users by using the Valorem Platform as a means of verifying transactions. The blockchain specialises in creating a stable and value-based exchange and transaction.

The main goal behind Valorem is to provide a platform that is easy to use for the entire crypto community. This platform will have unique features such as Car loans, student loans, business investing, insurance, buying and selling of goods and services, P2P networks, charity, and Crowdfunding.

With Ethereum blockchain implementing smart contracts on the platform, a number of services can be incorporated into the Valorem blockchain. To enjoy the unique features of the platform, members just need to exchange whatever cryptocurrency they have into the Valorem token called VLR. And, as trust and membership expands, a number of other features will be added which members can benefit from.

From the Images bellow, the valorem platform website is ready to launch;

The Valorem Foundation ICO is Ending Today, Buy it When its Still Cheap

The ever-changing Valorem platform has a utility token known as the VLR token. It is with these tokens that members of the platform can gain access to unique features such as car loans, student loans, micro loans, business investing, charity, insurance, crowdfunding, P2P networks, and the buying and selling of various products and services.

The VLR token ICO pre-sale started on December 12, 2017 with 100% bonus, which reduces after every month. Since January 28, 2018, the bonus was placed at 50% and by February 28, it will reduce to 40%, and so on.

The total VLR supply is placed at 200,000,000 VLR, with only 24,740,953 VLR being the total VLR token that has been allocated minus the amount yet to be distributed.

At this moment, 1 ETH is valued at 1000 VLR.

The Valorem platform was developed with the goal of building a community consisting of various individuals, service providers, as well as vendors where there can be the creation and generation of enormous value that will later on make digital currencies an important factor in the global economy.

Creating a utility token known as VLR, members of the network will be able to easily make use of the many unique features on the platform, making it a platform to look out for in the digital world.

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