United DAO – Exponential Community Growth With Bespoke Affiliate Marketing

United Allies Program (AP) harnesses the power of DeFi to revolutionize and redefine the ever-changing job market. Anyone can be an Ally of United DAO by participating in AP. The forward-looking affiliate marketing business model enables its “Allies” to build an attractive, sustainable flow of passive income. Through AP, United DAO commits itself to the goal of expanding the protocol exponentially, tackling a potential US$ 20 Trillion TradFi market.

Unlike mainstream affiliate marketing models, AP enables Allies to build a global business of their own without the requirement for any initial capital input. With no minimum commitment period nor KPIs involved, Allies have the freedom to build their affiliate business on their own time.

Allies can expect to generate income of up to 2.5% of their referrals’ bonding rewards, and this is paid out instantly! On top of attractive income to be earned, a noteworthy highlight of AP’s model is that there are hardly any restrictive covenants imposed on Allies. This way, Allies can garner affiliates without limitations that would otherwise hinder their growth or income as seen in mainstream affiliate business models.

United AP is exceptionally simple, yet lucrative. Allies can choose to participate in United AP through 3 membership types – United Ambassador, United Associate, and United Partner. The United Ambassador is AP’s entry-level membership and does not require any form of staking or upfront capital for participation. Allies may also choose to access greater program benefits through the other 2 types of membership – United Associate and United Partner – by staking a portion of upfront capital in UTD, the protocol’s native token.  

An exceptional feature of the AP’s is that there is no limit to the number of affiliates that can be brought in by Allies regardless of their membership type. That way, there is no ceiling restricting the earnings of Allies. AP also fosters a culture of community, and of working hard, playing harder. AP aims to occasionally host award ceremonies for Allies with attractive rewards awarded to top-participating Allies. 

With United AP, Allies can expect to not only generate a stable, passive income that pays out frequently but more importantly do so without any of the hindrances usually seen in mainstream affiliate programs. In summary, the United AP certainly boasts of a differentiated, lucrative business model that has low to no barriers of entry for Allies to participate in and be rewarded wherever, whenever.

To learn more about United DAO, do visit their Website and Follow them on Twitter, Telegram Channel, Telegram Group and Discord.

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