TTT – Alternative Cryptocurrency For Video Games.

Cryptocurrency is a new medium of exchange created and stored electronically on the blockchain, using encryption techniques to control the monetary units and to verify funds transfers. Bitcoin is the first and most popular form of cryptocurrency launched in 2009.  A blockchain serves as a public ledger for all transactions across a peer-to-peer network.

In 2006, the gaming industry revenue rose up to $99.6 billion globally and it is expected to grow by 20% to $118.6billion come 2019.  With all this success, the gaming industry can surpass other entertainment industries as the major form of entertainment and pleasure for consumers worldwide.  

Despite a successful market, the gaming industry is still riddled with problems, challenges and limitations when it comes to payment, transfer of in-game currencies etc. Most gamers spend 6-12 hours playing games and earning in-game currency; only to have them stuck in the digital world once the stop playing.

The Tapproject wants to eliminate the aforementioned problems challenging the gaming industries. The tapprojects primary initiative consists of developing a new digital currency, partnering with a network of developer to allow smooth, elegant and robust system that will allow the Tap coin the ability to transverse multiple games and platforms.

Tap coin is a new ERC-20 utility token that is supported by projects and other services written on the blockchain. The tapcoin is designed to be flexible and ensure control of the future evolution of the tapproject. The blockchain cryptocurrency-tap coin will be used for mobile gaming, console, computers etc. It will allow gamers to earn when they play, no longer will countless hours of playing be a waste. The tapcoin project will allow gamers to convert their in-game premium and earned currencies to Tapcoin- which can be transferred to other games or exchanged for other currencies.

In addition, the platform will provide developers/ publishers an immediate 70/30* split in the user transaction fee.  With this 70% going to developers, Tap project pays developers per their titles on the Tap platform.

The tap coin operates under a ‘proof of stake concept’ which states that a person can mine block transactions according to how many coins he/she holds. Therefore, users are required to hold 5000 Tap coins to gain access to the platform and its games.   

In general, the Tap coin network breaks down all challenges encountered in the gaming industry and decentralize all in-game currencies into one currency that can be traded, transferred or exchanged with all globally accepted currencies and cryptocurrencies around the world.

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