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Truvid Announces Partnership with T&T Creative Media Owned News Network ‘Happily’ Officially Made at the 2023 DMEXCO To Distribute Feel-Good Content

Truvid, an Israel-based video advertising technology company, proudly announces its partnership with news network Happily, a subsidiary of T&T Creative Media, which was officially made at the 2023 DMEXCO (Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference) in Germany. Renowned for its content partners and ability to syndicate premium video content, Truvid will now distribute Happily’s feel-good videos to a wider audience, aiming to leave end-users feeling fulfilled and captivated, ultimately increasing user engagement. 

True to their slogan, “Where every smile has a story,” Happily is known for its uplifting, inspiring, and heartwarming video creations, sharing news about pregnancy, adoption, pets, overcoming hard times, and much more in a safe and welcoming environment. Their mission is to spread positivity through engaging narratives.

Truvid, on the other hand, has carved a niche in the industry by bridging the gap between publishers, content creators, and advertisers. Their mission focuses on delivering top-notch video experiences that captivate audiences, enriching publishers’ video offerings with insightful content, and maintaining an exceptional user experience. 

Truvid’s dedication to distributing high-quality feel-good content aligns seamlessly with Happily’s vision and mission. By integrating Happily’s heartwarming stories with Truvid’s goal to redefine the adtech landscape, this partnership is a significant step towards transforming the digital space into a more joyful and meaningful place, where people can find solace, inspiration, and a sense of community through the content they consume. 

Marking a significant milestone in the adtech and content distribution space, Truvid and Happily are committed to making the world a brighter place, one video at a time.

Truvid CEO, Roee Lichtenfeld told us “We are thrilled to partner with Happily and be at the forefront of distributing content that makes the internet a more positive place ”. He added, “This partnership highlights our commitment to promoting meaningful and uplifting online experiences, and we anticipate working closely with Happily to expand our positive influence.”

James Tegerdine, co-founder of T&T Creative Media, added: “We’re delighted to partner with Truvid to bring Happily’s exclusive library of uplifting, feel-good content to a whole new collection of publishers. Happily, through its original, editorialized content, proves audiences are drawn to engaging stories that uplift and inspire. Our aim with user-generated video is to enrich publishers’ – and their audiences’ video experience through high-quality storytelling, so we look forward to working with Truvid to spread more positivity.”

About T&T Creative Media 

Headquartered in New York, T&T Creative Media is a premium supplier of user-generated video (UGV) to the world’s most influential brands, broadcasters and publishers. Producing original content and shows for its O&O properties, distributed across web, social, streaming and emerging platforms, its portfolio of brands includes Happily, Land of the Freakin’ Awesome, Wild-ish and Lombriz Feliz. With an extensive library of exclusive, rights-cleared “Videos Worth Sharing,” packaged with editorialized context and content, T&T Creative Media has established itself as a vital – and trusted – partner to domestic and international media clients, offering a range of solutions to unlock UGV storytelling.

About Truvid

Truvid is a pioneering force that bridges the gap between publishers, content creators, and advertisers. With a sharp focus on fostering captivating video experiences, Truvid empowers publishers to deliver insightful content that captivates audiences while optimizing monetization opportunities. Committed to maintaining an excellent user experience, Truvid is dedicated to redefining the digital content landscape, inspiring, engaging, and empowering stakeholders worldwide.

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