Total​ Setcoin​s :​ 1​Billion – 50M Setcoins are available on Waves DEX.

Setcoin is a verified global cryptocurrency that makes use of the blockchain technology. It was issued by the Inserviss platform, and the major aim for developing it was so that it could rise and serve as a cash alternative that will make it easy for people to pay easier for the services that are being offered on the platform.

With Setcoin, it is easy to book services, and the Red Belly Blockchain also allows for making legitimate payments in a speedy manner from anywhere in the world.

Operation of the Setcoin Blockchain

The adoption of both decentralization and the ubiquitous blockchain technology have made Setcoin able to achieve a high level of operational versatility.

However, there is a third element that makes Setcoin even more effective:

The Red Belly Blockchain Consensus (RBBC)

The RBBC is a system that acts as the core driver of the Setcoin network, and this s what gives Setcoin its edge over other cryptocurrencies. Tanks to RBBC, Setcoin is able to work at speeds that are 11.5 times faster than VISA, and 94, 000 times faster than Bitcoin.

Thanks to the Red Belly Blockchain Consensus, it is possible for Setcoin to process over 650,000 transactions every second. This, by the way, is much faster than Bitcoin (which is only able to process 7 operations per second) and VISA (which can process just 56,000 transactions per second.

Benefits of the Setcoin Cryptocurrency

  • No commissions: The Setcoin cryptocurrency offers no additional costs on commission and essentially, what you pay for is what you get. Due to the fact that extra costs have been eradicated, it is cheaper and more desirable for customers to pay for services.
  • Security: The Setcoin network also ensures that security is always on alert. You can rest assured that no malicious person or unwanted third party will be able to get a hold of your information.
  • Faster transactions: The application of the Red Belly Blockchain Consensus ensures that the Setcoin network is able to handle transactions faster and more effectively.
  • Proper information control: Also, users and service providers on Setcoin are able to control information more easily. This is another pointer to the ability of Setcoin to make transactions quick and easy.

The Setcoin ICO

A lot of people view the Setcoin network as one of the most accommodative and versatile currencies in the world as far as payment is concerned. The acceptable methods of payment on this network include both traditional currencies lie the Euro and the Dollar as well as some of the most prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The Initial Coin Offering of Setcoin was launched on the 1st of February, 2018. Pre-Sale have finished, while the main sale started on the 1st of Mark . See the Setcoin website for the current state of the ICO

Currently, the valuations and conversion rates are as follows:

1 BTC = 100,000 SET

1 ETH = 4,000 SET

1 LTC = 1,250 SET

1 USD = 5 SET

1 EUR = 10 SET

People who made Setcoin purchases worth at least $100,000 had additional purchases, and you can now find all Setcoins available on Waves DEX.

Cryptocurrencies have definitely taken the world by storm. However, if you need a crypto asset that makes transactions effectively and quickly, Setcoin is definitely the choice for you.


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