Top benefits of using LED PCBs in lighting systems

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In today’s world, LED PCBs have been introduced as a new, innovative, and revolutionary component of lighting systems. They have proved to be the smallest yet most powerful printed circuit boards that we use to illuminate our places/spaces. The game changer in these printed circuit boards is the utilization of LEDs in PCBs. To understand the exact working of LED PCBs in lighting systems, it’s very crucial to understand the nature of LEDs, PCBs, and the lighting systems as well. In this article, we will study all these aspects in detail.

LED and its usage in PCBs:

LED stands for light emitting diode. It’s a semiconductor device that emits/transfers light whenever current flows through it. LEDs usually glow up whenever they emit light. They produce the light much more efficiently than the incandescent light bulbs.

Their utilization in PCBs is mainly due to the reasons that LEDs do not utilize much power and generate less heat. Because of this reason, they also do not heat the electronic device. They help PCBs in converting electrical energy into light energy/ light. Kingsun PCB also utilizes LEDs in their functioning.

Lighting systems:

Lighting systems are the equipment used to maintain a certain level of light in our homes, offices, workplaces, industries, etc. These include lamps, bulbs, light fixtures, sensors, interior decoration elements, etc. Several features decide whether the light system is of good quality or not. A few of them are:

.       The lighting system must provide good colors.

  •         Glare should be less.
  •         There should be no temporal light effects.
  •         There should be attractive contrast differences.
  •         Distribution of light should be smooth.
  •         No audible sound should be produced.
  •         System should be safe to use.

Based on the targeted area, there are three basic lighting systems; general, task, and accent lighting systems. General/ ambient lighting provides illumination generally to every area like chandeliers and wall-mounted fixtures. While task lighting helps you to perform specific tasks such as sewing, reading, cooking, etc. however Accent lighting adds flavor to your basic lighting. It’s a part of the decorative schemes of your house e.g. adding spotlights and highlighting the texture of the wall.

Benefits of using LED PCBs in lighting systems:

A long list of benefits of LED PCBs in lighting systems is present, to understand their practical examples, click here. We will have a look at all of the benefits:

  1.     Efficient use of energy:

LED PCBs have been widely used in lighting systems since they utilize less energy as compared to incandescent bulbs. They convert a high portion of electrical energy into light.


  1.     Durable:

The extraordinary lifespan of LED PCBs makes them stand high among all conventional PCBs. They can last thousands of hours (roughly 30,000 hours), surpassing the lifespan of all types of conventional PCBs. Their durability ensures their lowest maintenance cost and least repair over time.


  1.     Reduced consumption of power:

The usage of LED PCBs in lighting systems can reduce power consumption by up to 75% in contrast to traditional bulbs and lights.


  1.     Compact size:

These kinds of PCBs are much more compact and smaller in size as compared to other PCBs. therefore they can function very well in advanced electronic devices like smartphones which require smaller and more efficient PCBs.


  1.     Free of mercury:

LEDs don’t contain the toxic mercury. Therefore the LED PCBs used in lighting systems are safer to use. It makes them environment-friendly and easier to dispose of.


  1.     Versatile:

LED PCBs are flexible enough to add any kind of innovation or creativity to their design. Therefore they can be customized for various lighting systems having different designs and sizes.


  1.     Simultaneous lighting:

Unlike other incandescent bulbs, LED PCBs provide instantaneous lighting to your places/ spaces. Due to this, they are not only convenient to use but also improve safety at places where instant lighting is required e.g. in emergency exits and outdoor areas.


  1.     Environment friendly:

Due to the absence of mercury, LED PCBs are eco-friendly. They are easy to dispose of and do not cause environmental pollution. Also, their energy efficiency makes them discharge less carbon as waste. It means they do not hinder the sustainability of the environment.


  1.     Less heat emission:

LED PCBs generate less heat. They are therefore safer to use and do not heat electronic devices. This low heat emission confirms their energy efficiency factor as well as safety. They can be easily used in closed spaces due to this reason.

  1. Adjustable/ configurable:

Almost all of the LED PCBs are adjustable/ configurable. It means that users can easily adjust the brightness of the lighting system according to their preferences.


After reading about the benefits of LED PCBs in lighting systems, it would not be wrong to say that they are future of the advanced lighting systems. Having a long range of benefits along with versatility, LED PCBs can rule the lighting system world easily.


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