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Pharmacy management software is an explicitly planned programming for the necessities of drug stores. The developers work intimately with drug store specialists and other medical services experts to guarantee that the product meets their particular necessities. Features, for example, prescription management, inventory control, integration of insurance with the billing, management of the patient’s records, and regular security checks are integrated within the software to smooth out tasks, further develop proficiency, and upgrade patient care. 

Pharmacy software cost differs in light of the different features that it offers. Numerous merchants offer membership-based pricing models, where the consumer needs to pay month to month or yearly for their Pharmacy Software cost. Here is the  list of top 10 best Pharmacy Software in India.

10 Best Pharmacy Software in India

  • Marg ERP 

Marg ERP is the best pharmacy software that aids you in managing your pharmacy business seamlessly and effortlessly. Its features allow you to send your invoices directly to your customers via WhatsApp in any softcopy mode along with the pay now link. Moreover, you can also send auto prescription payment reminders to your customer’s phone directly. This will not only increase your sales but also build better relations with your customers. 


  • With Marg ERP’s Promise order feature, you can commit to the fulfilment of your order in case of unavailabilities, and subsequently send automatic messages when the order is back in stock.
  • Marg ERP is the only pharmacy software in India that provides the facility of barcode-wise billing to retailers, which facilitates the billing process. 
  • Furthermore, you can also direct your orders from your own ERP software to your distributor’s ERP software irrespective of the difference in the software.
  • Marg ERP allows you to send prescription reminders to your customers via WhatsApp, to ensure that the medicines are delivered on time. This also ensures better customer relationship management.
  • The Digital Salesman or the Flip feature by Marg ERP, allows the pharmacist to earn extra profit by suggesting a substitute medicine to their customer in case of unavailability. 

Such advanced and scalable features of Marg ERP have allowed it to find a place in the top 10 best pharmacy software in India. 

  • Eco green express 

Ecogreen Express is a pharmacy software that will boost your revenue generation by 2 times if implemented correctly.


  • It is an integrated friendly software that can work with any payment method to make your billing smooth and seamless.
  • Ecogreen Express has partnered up with Dunzo delivery partners to schedule home delivery for their customers.
  • Its advanced features like molecule details about the customer’s

orders, live search for stock, and customer loyalty and discount curation have made it one of India’s best pharmacy billing software.

  • GOFRUGAL Pharmacy 

Gofrugal is a pharmacy management software, and also a healthcare POS billing software, which has several advanced features that make it one of the most demanded pharmacy billing software in India. 


  • GOFRUGAL’s user-friendly interface with shortcuts and quick searches facilitates a faster billing process. 
  • Its omnichannel capabilities allow the pharmacy owners to receive orders through their own branded online ordering app which is integrated with prescription upload, and more delivery management features.  
  • Its complete inventory and customer relationship management can also be carried out easily with its mobile apps. 
  • Horizon ERP –

Horizon ERP is prepared to utilize GST charging and bookkeeping programming for independent companies. It has proven itself to be one of the best Pharmacy software in India for SMEs. With more than a decade’s experience in the pharmacy billing software industry, Horizon ERP has brought pharmacists a revolution for their businesses.


  • Its easy-to-use user interface is simple for the staff and the customers to adjust. Its quick report generation is suitable for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.  
  • The Horizon ERP pharmacy billing software facilitates a tedious process like accounting, billing, and inventory. This boosts the SMEs’ revenue generation. 
  • The user can utilize this pharmacy software for their business needs without little to no technical support. 
  • Complete integration with an inventory management system, Horizon ERP works to handle all the back-end activities of a small business.
  • Vanuston Medeil 
  • With over 15 years in the pharmacy management software market, Vanuston Medeil is a supply chain management software company that has been working across a wide range of industries to optimize and streamline its business.


  • With its features like Virtual Pharmacist Consultations, which allows users easy access to medical advice and consultations, through a chat-based consultation, with the pharmacists.
  • Drug Traceability helps in monitoring drugs at every step of the supply chain. This, as a result, guarantees authenticity and transparency and consequently reduces the risks of fake drugs, which can prove to be fatal in some cases. 
  • With Improved Data Security and privacy, patients can be stress-free about the sensitive data that is shared with the pharmacists. This software uses strong encryption methods and dispersed data storage to guarantee privacy laws are being followed. 
  • Qmark Soft MR Reporting Software 
  • The MR Reporting Software is a revolutionary pharmacy billing software for all the pharmaceutical businesses out there. A real-time 24×7 working pharmacy software MR reporting software boosts the sales force automation for your pharma business. The features that make this software stand out in a crowd of pharmacy software are talked about here. With a brief order management system that includes


  • Coordination with the pharmacists for a seamless business flow,
  • The software manages better administration through its dashboard itself, which will allow quick and efficient task force productivity.
  • This software also permits sampling and gifting to enhance their CRM.
  • Redbook – 
  • Redbooks is a GST-enabled software that eases your GST filing with uninterrupted access to your sales and purchase reports. Its easy-to-use and beginner-friendly user interface will allow easy access to frequently used features.


  • Your business can run around the clock, with its 24×7 offline availability, and avoid the hassles of data backup. 
  • It can update your inventory automatically whenever it has internet access.
  • Furthermore, the software sends you prompt alerts and reminders, so that you don’t have to remember the expiry details of your stocks
  • These reminders are also sent for purchase order schedules and customer orders. These advanced features have found Redbook a place in India’s top 10 best pharmacy software. 
  • Medicine ERP 

    Medicine ERP pharmacy software helps pharmacists in effectively managing their pharmaceutical business. It helps them manage their purchase, sales, and purchase and sales returns, inventory, customers, and overall business.

  • Expiry and near-expiry fast search, automatic blocking of expired products
  • Billing management, 
  • CRM, sales dashboard,
  • Data backup and restore,
  • Barcode generation, barcode scanning, 
  • Batch verification and more.
  • Reckon Sales Pharma & Healthcare 
    Reckon Sales Pharma and Healthcare has its own, pharmacy billing software that has won users’ trust and has placed itself among the best pharmacy software in the country. 
  • Its features like family ledger handling allow you to create and manage a ledger for your family.
  • With its easy depiction of the speed at which a particular product is sold, you can facilitate your reorder.
  • Reckon Pharmacy software also provides its customers with a mobile app that will simplify the ordering process for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers.
  • Its POS-integrated facilities allow pharmacists to speed up their billing process. 
  •  Logic ERP 

Logic ERP is perhaps one of the most acknowledged and broadly involved end-to-end ERP solutions for pharma. Omnichannel Retail ERP Set-up of Logic ERP improves and strengthens the pharmaceutical business. To find itself a place in India’s top ten pharmacy billing software Logic ERP has strived to achieve perfection in various features.


  • Quick and error-free billing,
  • Compliance with GST regulations,
  • Dashboard analysis,
  • Accurate inventory management.
  • Logic ERP pharmacy software can retain customer data of more than 20 years and is available on both cloud and on-premises. 


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