This Next-Gen Professional Network is a Game Changer to the Global Developer Community

Collaboration is one of the most important aspects of a developer’s career path. In a world where technology is constantly evolving, developers need to work together to stay on top of the latest trends and developments. The sense of community that collaboration brings to the table helps developers to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and work together to solve complex problems.

A global community for developers is paramount, especially in working on large-scale projects. In these situations, there are often multiple teams working on different aspects of the project. Keep in mind that every developer has their own unique set of skills and experiences, and by working together, they can share their knowledge and expertise. This can help to speed up the development process and learn from each other’s strengths., a developer-focused startup that delivers a personalized feed to hundreds and thousands of developers, from relevant technical content to news, raises $11 million in seed round funding to build a professional network for the global developer community where they can grow and learn, with added features to enable community building and engagement. This round was led by Aleph with participation from Jibe Ventures and Secret Chord Ventures alongside notable angel investors, including Ariel Maislos, Amir Shevat, and several other tech industry leaders 

Empowering Developers to Stay Ahead of the Curve

The company has recently launched its new platform intending to ease the difficulties faced by developers in staying up-to-date with the latest tools, software, industry news, and tech developments. By addressing these challenges, the team behind aims to make the lives of developers more efficient and help them stay productive in a constantly evolving technological landscape. With this new funding round, is set on building a better watering hole for developers to hone their skills and further their careers.  

CEO and Co-Founder Nimrod Kramer recognizes that current knowledge is priceless for every developer. However, researching through mountains of information is also a highly demanding and time-intensive task; and oftentimes, yields inefficient results. The sheer volume of publications, the prevalence of low-quality content, and the rapidly changing nature of the technology sector can be a difficult challenge for developers. “Today, developers are center stage. Times are changing, and a new generation of developers is now born into a well-established ecosystem that has more content, more tools, and more opportunities than they can deal with,” Kramer explains. “This is where comes into play, we made it to let devs easily navigate the abundance of knowledge and discover the content that they need with zero effort. Given the change in what it takes to succeed as a developer, we are convinced that this is the right time to build a professional network that will redefine the impact developers have on the global economy.”

Moreover, is designed to cater to the specific preferences, values, and language of developers, providing them with the professional network they need to take their careers to greater heights. It offers various opportunities for learning, community building, and collaboration. Developers can use to explore diverse professional knowledge, create groups for working with like-minded peers, and discuss the latest trends in the developer ecosystem.

“Through our community, we’re learning how challenging and complex the developer journey is, and together with them, we’re building the ultimate platform to empower learning, collaboration and community,” added Kramer. “Right now, we’re focused on shipping new product experiences that can only be unlocked together with friends and colleagues. That means letting developers create micro-communities inside, where they can share and curate content for the benefit of others both as individuals and as a group.”

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