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This Generative AI Platform Empowers Marketing Teams to Generate Premium Videos

Marketing teams know a thing or two about multitasking. From brand optimization, and content generation, to implementing strategies and tactics, their cross-functional roles are integral to the growth and success of every organization.

As marketing trends continue to evolve, marketers, content, and social media managers are expected to stay in top shape to adapt to the versatility that their jobs entail. One of which is the emergence of videos which disrupted how teams produce content and how clients consume them. While a handful of marketers have enough experience in video creation, a big number is still left in the dark. This calls for companies to outsource video experts to take care of their content transformation needs, which means additional expenses and a longer turnaround time.

This is a glaring void that Peech CEO and Co-Founder Danielle Dafni noticed. With 10 years of experience as a media market expert, video editor, visual designer, ads creator, and media artist, she witnessed the pains of every marketer in transitioning to the video creation arena. “The dependency on expensive experts and the complex time-consuming process makes establishing an impactful content marketing strategy even more challenging,” she says.

To empower marketing teams with cutting-edge technology, she co-founded Peech – an Israel-based startup that leverages AI and NLP technology to provide content teams the independence to generate unlimited, premium, and engaging content.

Peech is a personalized and automatic video editing and management platform, allowing marketing teams to automatically create, transcribe, collaborate, optimize, and publish content – all in one place. The company was also co-founded by Johnathan Amit-Kanarek, former CTO. He was a system architect in Kaltura and is a cloud and online video streaming expert. Together with Danielle, they combined their industry expertise, years of experience under their belts, and the passion to make a difference in the video creation industry.

Peech 2.0: How Does it Work?

Peech recently announced its emergence from stealth with a seed funding of $8.3 million led by Ibex Investors, Cardumen Capital, Ariel Maislos, Nas Daily, and Fresh Fund, to officially launch Peech 2.0, the first and only smart automatic video editing platform that aims to overhaul the content creation industry. 

Peech’s automatic machine adheres to each company’s brand book, marketing goals, video content, and visual assets. This enables content and marketing teams to seamlessly revamp their local media content into premium videos in no time. This eradicates the risks and vulnerabilities of turnaround time issues, brand inaccuracy, and the lack of ownership of the videos produced by outsourced experts.

The team at Peech understands the importance of knowing a company’s culture, aesthetics, and tone in creating videos, which is oftentimes sacrificed once third-party manpower is involved. With its Generative AI and its complex machine learning model, Peech 2.0 ensures speed, efficiency, and brand accuracy in producing video content. This technological capability automatically understands the context of a video, emphasizes relevant keywords, creates visual messages, and guarantees accessibility. What’s more, this platform is template-free, guaranteeing highly personalized and unique content. 

“Peech’s technology, which automates and simplifies the video content creation process, helps brands overcome these obstacles and produce the video content viewers crave,” continues Danielle. “Our goal is for content teams to focus on producing exceptional content, while we at Peech take care of the rest.”

Check out Peech’s product hunt launch. 

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