These 5 Health Startups Are Helping People Through the Holiday Season

The holiday season brings joy, festivities, and a fair share of stress for many. Amidst the celebrations, maintaining good health often takes a back seat to the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations. The temptation of indulgent treats, coupled with hectic schedules and increased social gatherings, can make it challenging to prioritize wellness. 

However, it’s crucial to find a balance between enjoying the festive spirit and taking care of one’s health. Today, there’s a silver lining with a new wave of health startups that are stepping up to help people navigate the challenges of the holiday season. 

From mental well-being to personalized nutrition, these startups are making a significant impact on individuals’ health and happiness during this festive period:


Additional holiday stress can trigger gut health and other chronic digestive illnesses. Offering personalized IBD treatment plans is Evinature, a startup that functions as a healthcare clinic, prioritizes patient well-being, and delivers tailored treatments. Its revolutionary product, CurQD® Protocol, is a set of natural, clinically proven regimens tailored to the specific IBD stage, level of inflammation, and individual requirements as the patient’s body experiences transformations. Commencing with a thorough assessment that takes into account medications, contraindications, and medical history, the protocol is then meticulously crafted to address each patient’s distinct needs.

Asana Rebel

Staying fit and healthy can be a challenge during the holidays, which makes apps like Asana Rebel an ideal companion. Asana Rebel stands out as a burgeoning startup dedicated to developing captivating health and fitness experiences. It provides a diverse range of yoga-inspired fitness programs meticulously curated by experts, catering to users of all proficiency levels, and accessible in six languages globally. This innovative fitness approach is not only influencing a substantial community but also contributing to the evolution of an entirely new industry. 


Taking supplements that the body needs is essential to stay fit. One great alternative to mass-produced supplements is Sundose, which aims to provide the most precisely tailored formula for each unique customer. They strive to assist users in attaining optimal results with utmost convenience, ensuring their journey to better health is as straightforward as possible. Sundose represents a paradigm shift in how individuals perceive supplementation. Serving as their inaugural genuinely personalized comprehensive supplement blend, Sundose customizes, blends, and delivers all essential nutrients in a singular daily dose.


The holiday season can be emotionally taxing for many individuals, and MoodMD is addressing this issue head-on. This innovative startup has assembled the most effective self-guided tools for mood improvement — ranging from simple psychoeducation and real-world application exercises to lifestyle modifications and activities that enhance mood chemistry and emotional outlook. The user-friendly online program, driven by Artificial Intelligence, serves as a personal mood coach, guiding individuals through a patent-pending combination of at-home therapies and activities.


Obesity and diabetes are rampant health concerns that often intensify during the holiday season – an ongoing issue that Fitterfly addresses. Fitterfly is a health tech startup specializing in Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and is founded and run by a team of doctors, engineers, and senior nutritionists. Their DTx programs seamlessly integrate human and technological interventions, tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of each patient for improved outcomes. Their programs are crafted to complement a doctor’s medical therapy, providing comprehensive guidance across nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being in a 360-degree approach.


As the holiday season ushers in a mix of joy and stress, the emergence of innovative health startups offers a beacon of hope for individuals striving to prioritize their well-being. These five startups – Evinature, Asana Rebel, Sundose, MoodMD, and Fitterfly – are at the forefront of addressing diverse health challenges during this festive period.

Together, these startups exemplify the potential of technology and innovation in promoting health and happiness during the holiday season. As the world navigates the festive whirlwind, their contributions remind everyone that striking a balance between celebration and well-being is not only possible but increasingly accessible through the support of these forward-thinking health initiatives.

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