The Value-Based Utility Platform and Token : Valorem Token’ 40% Sale is Live!!!

Incorporating real-world applications into its system of operation is a major factor that has helped the blockchain technology strive since its emergence. Now we see the technology being used for things asides just investments, which was what it was originally made for. The Valorem Platform is taking it to the next level by placing its focus on business owners, traders, vendors, and so on.

How Valorem is a Value Based Platform

The Valorem platform is creating a transaction system that is not just blockchain based but also quick and seamless by making use of smart contracts. On this single platform, all manner of financial transactions can be done which tends to benefit members of the network. For instance, users can sell or buy products, donate to a charity, buy insurance, and even take a car loan all in one place. In general, the platform aims at providing users with innovative tools for funding projects, generating ideas, and so much more.

The core function of the Valorem platform is to create a new level of trust between parties involved in a transaction and develop a value-based and stable form of carrying out exchanges like student loans, car loans, crowdfunding, charity, buying and selling of products and services, buying insurance, and peer-to-peer networking.

Valorem’s Value-Based Token

Using the Ethereum blockchain to implement smart contracts, the platform has an ERC-20 token known as the VLR token. It is with this token that members of the network can get access to the many unique features attached to the platform. And, as the platform builds trust and expands in the number of members it has, other innovative features will be added to suit the wide variety of needs of its members.

Update on the Valorem Token ICO

The VLR token ICO period started with a pre-sale period on December 12, 2017, and lasted till January 28, 2018 when the main sale started. This VLR token sale will run up till June 28, 2018, with the soft cap being placed at 25,000,000 USD and the hard cap at 52,000,000 USD.

During this sales period, a total of 200,000,000 VLR tokens will be supplied at an exchange rate of 1 ETH = 1000 VLR.  Early participants also get the chance of getting up to 20% bonus depending on the stage of the sale at which they get on board.


Trust is a major factor when it comes to making financial transactions. Thanks to the blockchain technology, the level of trust between parties involved in a transaction is now quite high. The Valorem platform uses blockchain to allow members of its network to carry out exchanges in a decentralized manner using smart contracts which are paid for using the ERC-20 utility token known VLR.

The best part about the VLR token is that, unlike fiat currencies that lose their value after a while, it increases in value as a result of liquidity and limited supply. In the nearest future, Valorem might just be able to manage any transaction users want to carry out.

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