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The most important site for presenting a bouquet of Turkish series, turkish123

The most important site for presenting a bouquet of Turkish series, turkish123

There are many sites that show Turkish series, but you will not find a better site than turkish 123, which is one of the best sites that display the best Turkish series that millions love, many people ask about the best site for Turkish series because there are many sites that are of unclear quality In the vision, and it has slow loading episodes of the series, but our site is the best of all, and this is the testimony of its users, and if you want to know more, you must follow this article of ours, which includes the series that this site displays.

turkish123 site

turkish123 is a very special and fast site that displays the most wonderful series and also Turkish films, as it is known about this site that it provides series in high quality, with subtitles on each series in many different languages, including the English language or also Bengali language, and we will show you The most important series that this site presents, and they are through the following points:

  • AlpArslan Season Two in several languages.
  • Malajat series in several languages
  • Also, the series “The Resurrection of Ertuğrul Othman,” the fourth season, is in many languages.
  • barbarosa season two.
  • Play TV Leaders Official.
  • Mendirman season two in different languages.
  • Hayreddin Pasha.
  • Yavuz Sultan.
  • Abdul Hamid Sultan.
  • Distan season two.

Ads appearing on the site

At the beginning of opening the turkish 123 site, it often opens ads from the first two clicks on this site, and it displays these ads when clicking on a video clip after a few seconds.

Old Turkish series are on the site

The Turkish Series site is the best site ever for watching all the old and modern Turkish series with high quality, where you can watch the series from 2007 until the present time by watching the series that are shown on this site, and these old series on our site are as follows:

  • Magnificent Century series.
  • And also the series Kara Sevda.
  • Next to the series Knock on my door.

Is the Turkish 123 app available?

Some people ask if this is a website or an application, so the answer is that it is a website and not an application.

Among the modern serials that reside on the site

There are many series that are shown on the site, and they differ in the types of series in terms of action series or romantic series, and there are many other types and series that are still shown now and have achieved great viewership, and the most important of these series are:

My name is Farah series

It is a type of series that is drama, in addition to that it also has excitement, starring Engin Akyurek, Demet Ozdemir, Aktay Chopuk, Lali Pasar, and Derya Bina Ak, and it was released in 2023 and achieved a lot of views.

Series Listen to me

This series is a type of drama series that revolves around the lives of teenagers, starring Rabia Sweeturk and also Kaner Topko, alongside Iggy Kokkinli, Helen Candemir, Berk HaKmat, and Dorol Bazan, and it was released in 2022.

Series You knocked on my door

It is a type of romantic series with the presence of adventure as well as fun. It stars the actress Handa, Kerem Brosin, Neslihan Yeldan, Efrem Dogan, Big Onal, and Ismail Egy Sasmas, and this series was released in 2020/2021.

Kingfisher series

It is a type of romantic series, starring Avra Sarachoglu, Mert Ramadan Demir, Onur Sercel, Jalcin Santer Beyoglu, and many other actors, and it was released in 2022.

At the end of our article, we will know many details about the Turkish 123 website.

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