The logo: what is it and the stages of its creation

It is remarkable, but each of us is surrounded by a huge number of logos. We have already stopped paying attention to them, and do it only when there is a need to buy a certain product. A logo or emblem is a visual symbol of a company or brand, through which they can be unmistakably recognized among other brand names.

Do not think that the emblem is a chaotic set of colors and symbols. All these components are chosen individually based on the nature and direction of the organization. Logos exist in the following types:

Graphic. Consists of symbols. There is no text. Usually recognizable symbols are used – animals, people, plants and others. To give a graphic emblem exclusivity, use company colors and author’s drawings;

Textual. Based on the name of the product or company. Thus, looking at the text brand, you can understand what it is about;

Combined. Very common. Combined logos consist of symbols and text. The ratio of one to the other can be anything.

The emblem has several functions. The first among them and the most important is a distinctive function. It allows you to distinguish one brand or company from others. The next function is an impressive one. The client forms a desire to remember a logo with it. It should be said about the warranty function. Encourages the purchase of the product, as well as forming a positive opinion of it among potential consumers.

How to make a logo online?

Previously, the creation of a logo was difficult, time-consuming and laborious business. These days everything has changed fundamentally. To create an emblem, there is a Logo Turbo generator. It simplifies the whole process and makes it as quick as possible.

But, before proceeding to the technical part of the creation, a preparatory stage should be passed. He implies the following points:

The content of the trademark. It may be text, graphic or combined. In principle, you can give preference to any option;

Color palette. Each shade carries a certain meaning. For example, black represents seriousness and reliability. The same can be said about the blue spectrum. Yellow stimulates appetite, and red enhances it. Not without reason, the McDonald’s logo is in the shades listed above;

Type of font. Classic font is more suitable for creating logos of companies that specialize in IT-sphere, on the release of microprocessor technology and vehicles. Emphasized fonts, with various patterns and additions will be to place, for example, for a candy company or travel agency.

Having created the emblem, you need to evaluate it on such requirements as simplicity, practicality and recognizability. If these features are traced, we can say that the logo is successful.


Given all the importance of the logo, try to create it even at the stage of opening a company or brand. You should use modern software in the work, among which Generator Turbologo. This is a guarantee of a successful result.

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