The Inserviss Platform and the Setcoin Token: A Saving Grace for Service Providers

How do you really know a consumer’s behaviour? Well, you have to get the information from them right? And if you do it without their knowledge it is considered as a breach of privacy. This has been a burden for many businesses and service providers for quite a while now, but not anymore because the Inserviss Platform is coming to the rescue, literally!

The Inserviss Marketplace

To ensure the growth and development of many businesses, service providers need to be up-to-date on consumer behaviour which has proven to be constantly changing. One other thing they need to take note of is the change in the drivers of purchase, as this also affects consumer behaviour and trends.

We are in the digital world and consumers are constantly being wrapped in this state of mind, which has affected their expectancy when it comes to how they are treated by service providers. For this reason, Inserviss has introduced the blockchain technology has a medium to bring together service providers and consumers and build an ecosystem.

The Inserviss Platform

At this stage, you must be wondering “What is the Inserviss Platform all about?” Simply put, it is a mobile global service marketplace that acts as a bridge between service providers like teachers, nurses, and lawyers, and their consumers online.

On this platform, service providers can create an account or profile, advertise their products and services, carry out marketing campaigns and promotions, track how much they earn, develop a working schedule, keep track of their orders, and get reviews from customers.

Just as service providers get to enjoy the platform, so do customers. With the platform, they can find nearby services, research on service providers, and make schedules and payments. But since the platform is blockchain-based, these can only be done using a utility token, and the Inserviss platform uses the Setcoin token for its operations.

Inserviss’ Setcoin Token

Setcoin is an ERC-20 token which enables consumers and service providers make exchanges and other transactions on the Inserviss platform. Using the Red Belly Blockchain Consensus (RBBC), Setcoin is 11.5 times faster than Visa and 94,000 times faster than Bitcoin. This feature also enables the Setcoin Blockchain process more than 660,000 transactions per second, unlike the Visa and Bitcoin networks that process a maximum of 56,000 and 7 transactions per second.

The Setcoin Roadmap

The Setcoin network presently only accepts payments in fiat currencies like USD and Euros, and cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The Setcoin journey is divided into two major phases with the first phase being the pre-sale period. Though this period has closed, a total of 50 million Setcoins was supplied. The second phase started on March 1, 2018, and though the end date is yet to be announced, a total of 300 million Setcoins will be supplied during this phase.

Distribution of Setcoin

A total of 1 Billion Setcoins has been issued for the Pre-sale and Main sale period, 5% of which was supplied during the Pre-ICO and 30% will be supplied during the main ICO. The Inserviss Team and Partners get 20% and 10% of the total issued Setcoins respectively, while 35% goes into the 3-Year growth program of the platform.


Seeing how important consumer behaviour is to the growth of service providers, Inserviss has built a platform that creates an ecosystem where consumers and service providers can both benefit using the Setcoin token.

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