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The Importance of Community Development in 2021: Interview with Vim Foundation Vice President, Ahmed Najm

Community Development

In the digital world, it is all too easy to forget where we came from. Ahmed Najm, the Vim Foundation co-founder in Kurdistan, is on a mission to revive the individual’s importance within our organizations.

Hailing from Kurdistan in Iraq, businessman Ahmed co-founded this non-governmental organization to help reignite the spark in his communal brethren’s hearts and minds. The Vim Foundation has thrived in peacetime at its very core, aiming to help build the infrastructure the region needs to become recognizable on a global stage.

The Projects that shape a Country

In his effort to provide a realistic take on post-war people, Ahmed has been involved in various projects. One of the best knowns of these is his participation in the “Humans of Kurdistan” program. This photo series explores the Kurdistan region’s cultural diversity by documenting both the stories and the portraits of engaging individuals from the area.

As a young photographer, Ahmed lost his elder brother Kamaran to ISIS when he failed to return from a day spent documenting fighting in a nearby town. His brother’s plight was not forgotten, with Ahmed taking up the torch to pursue realism in the public’s face only interested in blood and gore. Together, the brothers and their colleagues set up the Metrography Agency – the first photography agency in a post-regime Iraq. 

The Vim Foundation and Protecting Society

Underneath all of this work, Ahmed has driven for change. By exploring and engaging with all the different layers of the Iraq society, documenting them, and encouraging the old bardic style of story sharing, he inspires new generations to fill in the gaps left in community through the Vim Foundation.

According to Ahmed Najm, humans are at the heart of every business venture that any of us make. They are why we have product innovation, why we have an invention, why we grow and adapt and change as corporations. If you can focus your corporation on people, then this creates a mutually beneficial environment – the corporate ecosystem, if you will – wherein we can all thrive.

If Iraq can manage this in the decades following the dictator’s fall, it can rebuild itself for success. Better yet, it has the potential to be more than what it once was, emphasizing the fact that sometimes you have to start a change from the ground up.

To do this, the Vim Foundation runs workshops and programs focused on enlightening a sometimes focus-less society. Programs aim to revive culture in a post-war era and cover animal rights, environmental protection, and gender equality. Vim goes even farther than this, ever seeking new ways to benefit the community that it serves. They are there and ready to respond should there be a national emergency. They can provide disaster relief and a safe space for those worst affected by a growing society. Because if you are there for the people, the people will give back to you in any way they can.

And that’s a business deal we should all be able to get behind.

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