The Environmental Benefits of Duality In Cryptocurrency: Looking at HUH Token, Shiba Inu and SolarCoin


It’s no secret that the benefits of partnerships can change the world, from John Lennon and Paul McCartney to Bill Gates and Paul Allen, but it appears that no dual partnership has or will change the world as much as dual blockchains (dual-currency tokens) and Artificial Intelligence. 

With the optimistic endeavours of AI and Deep Learning, the future of Fintech is promising, from cryptocurrency to business finance. The equilibrium that this duality brings along numerous blockchains can be mirrored by the likes of the missions from HUH Token (as well as HUH’s infrastructure), SolarCoin and Shiba Inu. 

Though the use of Deep Learning in cryptocurrency is yet to be optimised the idea of benefiting the environment is a shared goal between theorem and meme crypto. 

A who’s who of who’s doing what

For newer and even seasoned investors of cryptocurrency, it can be easy to assume that meme coin is simply that, a meta-joke with value. Though that’s really not the case where HUH Token is involved. 

In fact, the creators behind the HUH Token crypto and HUH Nation community have devoted themselves to planting 1 million trees for their first 1 million wallet holders. This is a huge step forward for crypto-brands and with an environmentalist aim at heart, it not only expands the lungs of the planet, but it also means that Fintech, especially HUH Token, is pioneering the front of what business can do for the environment. 

Shiba Inu, or its Green Shiba Inu Token, which you might recognise as GINUX, is lending its hand to environmentalist anthropic endeavour too. GINUX, the Shiba Inu subsidiary, has devoted itself to Environmental Reclamation. In other words, the removal of contaminants and pollution from environmental media such as surface water, sediment, soil and others is akin to those. 

HUH Token and Shiba Inu are joined in their environmentalist missions by SolarCoin, which ranks as number 3 for sustainable cryptocurrencies in the market today. Though it’s no wonder this is the case, as its aim is to use its personal revenue to have solar panels be wider spread and increasingly used within communities all over the world. 

The future is a cryptocurrency and only the tokens that sustainably pursue environmentalism will see it.

Two-Sides of The Blockchain

A little earlier in this article, the mention of HUH Tokens dual-currency was mentioned, and this is something to note with some vigour. 

The use of a dual-currency is unknown in the crypto-world purely because the idea has never been harnessed by creators before. The use of two decentralised blockchains, in HUH’s case Ethereum and Binance, creates a sustainable ecosystem, unlike many of HUH’s competitors on the markets whose systems generate large amounts of pollution. 

It’s easy to see that the future of cryptocurrencies is green and that Huh Token is pioneering the way to a sustainable future.

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