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The Discipline of Kevin Lo is one of the Keys to His Success

kevin Lo

Yesterday, today, tomorrow. The days pass, and here we are just thinking of doing something great, but most people fail to take action. We never leave our comfort zone and are stuck in the same situation. Numerous questions come to our minds every day. Who are we? What is our purpose? Are we going to achieve our dreams, or is it just in the movies? Do people who work hard really change their lives for real, or is it just hype pictures on social media? Is inspiration real? Yes, it is 100% real. This article is all about a person who has real passions and has inspired thousands of people.

Meet Kevin Lo, an athlete, entrepreneur, motivator, and an inspiration to thousands on social media. Kevin was born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area in Oak Park, California. Kevin’s story is very different from the others. Where people have hardly one passion, Kevin had more than one passion (and lived them successfully). Since he was a child, Kevin was passionate about football, but life had other plans for Kevin. Soon, he realized that his real passion was not just in sports and he wanted to build something that impacted the world. That is when he decided to live a life fueled by purpose.

Social media is usually about showing off… isn’t it? But Kevin had some other plans; he motivated people to live a better life through his Instagram and Youtube pages. He pushed people to lose/gain weight, drink more water and follow a healthy lifestyle and not to wait on someone else to fix their life. Total personal accountability is what Kevin believes in. He also created a team of like-minded individuals, became a leader, and built a community of empowered individuals. One of the most intriguing things about life is when you empower others; life empowers you. Today, Kevin has built a self-sustaining business that has created true financial and time freedom.

Everyone knows a great leader creates a great team. Today, Kevin has successfully produced a global group of medical water ionizer distributors. Which generates eight-figure sales in a year by a consumer-to-consumer business. Kevin did this by mentoring millennials to create a second income source by educating and training them. He removed traditional business’s complexities and created a modern system of online tools that gives anyone the ability to create their own success in their life..

Kevin’s story is an example to us that nothing is impossible. If you apply discipline, good healthy habits and take all out massive action, then you can achieve anything. You can connect with Kevin on Instagram.

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