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The Digital Signage Revolution: Here is what the Big brands are doing!

The upscale market demand for digital media and marketing has been rising since its inception and with companies investing at least 70% of their investments into Digital Media Marketing, there is a solid reason for that.

 In a recent study by HubSpot, it was found that nearly 64% of customers ranging across different sectors of business were more likely to buy a product based on seeing a video. This means that the bigger your digital presence, the bigger your conversion rate is. If we take a deep dive into the average marketing spend on successful product-based companies, it is estimated that nearly 40% of their total marketing spend is towards advertising displays for digital signage. 

So what is Digital Signage Displays/Systems?

Digital Signage Displays or systems are display-based hardware that helps in marketing products/services of a business by displaying static/Dynamic digital content on their business. This digital content can be anything from awareness videos, websites, product/service posters, and much more. Digital Signages can spread awareness on a product, deliver internal communications, or advertise any agenda that will directly help brands in reducing costs on customer acquisition and improve customer experience with their brand. 

Digital Signages are seen in places with high footfall traffic like malls, restaurants, offices, and tourist attractions. Digital Signages have evolved from simple static displays to dynamic ones that attract a lot of potential customers towards a brand. 

In a recent survey taken, nearly 80% of customers that approached a new brand were by seeing their digital signages(customer outreach). With a surge in demand for advertising displays for digital signages, it is only fair that you understand the advantages that come along with it. 

Best tool for gaining Customer Attraction:

This is the media generation and every impulse purchase or meaningful purchase made is based on the understanding of the customer on the product or the brand. Digital signages help you with just that. 

Attractive displays with eye-catching visuals that resonate with the idea behind a product, service, or message will help your business with increasing traction with your product line. Digital signage is a proven methodology used by big brands to entice customers to be a part of their brand experience. 

Brand Recall:

Brand Recall is crucial for any brand or business to keep its attrition rates under control. Many international brands have been making the best use of advertising displays for digital signage to increase their brand recall. With brand recall rates, businesses understand their brand awareness, helping them make changes in their marketing campaigns based on the inputs from these KPIs. 

Promotion of New Products and Services:

Any new product or service launch requires aggressive marketing to garner customers. Normal advertisements combined with advertising displays placed in high footfall areas advertising are a great way to increase the reach of the product in the market. To be precise, Digital signages help amplify existing marketing efforts to help the product reach its initial traction. Digital signages also come with the advantage of placing these advertising displays in areas where your possible customers are, giving you great flexibility in your marketing ventures. 

Sale Margins significantly improve:

It is estimated that brands and businesses that use advertising displays for digital signages have seen an increase in sales of their products/services up by 33%. This is possible because digital signages give you the flexibility of targeted marketing by conveying targeted messages about a product or a service. 

With nearly 80% of the population making impulse buys, the combination of digital signage with a targeted message is a sure-shot strategy to make a conversion and directly improve the reach and sales of your products/services. 

Now you might be wondering, do digital signages help with new brands or small businesses? The answer is a significant yes. 

Digital signages can be of any size or media, meaning they can be custom-tailored according to the marketing budget of your small business or brand. Many small brands have had meteoric rises in the market thanks to their combination of traditional marketing strategies combined with advertising displays for digital signages.

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