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The Data Odyssey of Saloni Thakkar


In the heart of New York City, Saloni Thakkar stands out for her exceptional contributions to data science. Her career is marked by dedication and success in areas like business intelligence, data engineering, and research. Saloni’s expertise spans several technologies including Python, SQL, R, PySpark, and TensorFlow. She’s adept in data visualization with Tableau and Excel, excelling in techniques from regression modeling to hypothesis testing.

For aspiring data scientists eager to navigate the dynamic field, Saloni shares invaluable lessons that have shaped her path to success. She emphasizes the importance of mentorship, continuous learning, and embracing discomfort to master evolving technologies. Additionally, she underscores the power of networking, encouraging active participation in industry events such as hackathons. Drawing from her experiences as a judge at Princeton University and Georgia Tech, she provides practical guidance for aspiring data scientists. Serving as a judge alongside a diverse and skilled panel of approximately 25 judges from leading companies across the United States, Saloni observed cutting-edge solutions and innovative projects developed by around 200 students at each hackathon. This exposure enabled her to enhance her abilities in creative thinking and critical analysis.

Her professional credentials are impressive, holding certifications like Certified FINRA SIE, Series 7, and Series 63. Saloni’s progression from a data engineer to a CIB Research Data Scientist at Barclays highlights her knack for addressing complex problems and contributing to informed investment decisions through data analysis. Currently working with fundamental and alternative datasets, she facilitates informed investment decisions across diverse industries and asset classes. Saloni’s role involves unraveling trading signals, validating hypotheses, and leveraging sophisticated statistical models and natural language processing for predictive and inferential analyses.

Beyond her corporate endeavors, Saloni is also passionate about teaching which is reflected from her role as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Texas A&M University. During her time, she nurtured undergraduates in areas ranging from supply chain management to customer relationship management. Her academic projects reflect a commitment to leveraging data for practical solutions in marketing, fraud detection, and recommendation systems.

Saloni has left an incredible mark as a with her success at competitions like the Mays CMIS Case Competition and the Microsoft Fellowship program, showcasing her innovative thinking and ability to inspire others. She continually strieves to create opportunities for others by leading Women in Data at Barclays and previously getting involved in state level TechFest during her undergrad. She has received accolades for her strategic insight and leadership by making impact in the tech community.

With a Master of Science in Management Information Systems from Texas A&M University, and a Bachelor of Engineering from Gujarat Technological University, Saloni’s educational background is as impressive as her professional achievements. She was also actively involved in extra curricular activities all through her academics which have helped her shape her career. She believes that classrooms provide knowledge, but personality is sculpted through challenging yourself outside of  classroom.

In essence, Saloni Thakkar exemplifies hard work and expertise in artificial intelligence, making significant impacts with her data-driven insights and leadership skills in FinTech industry.

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