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The Best SaaS Platforms Leveraging Open Banking Infrastructure in 2023


In recent years, the financial technology landscape has witnessed a significant transformation, driven by the adoption of Open Banking. Open Banking, which allows for the secure sharing of financial data between banks and authorized third-party providers, has opened up a world of possibilities for Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. These platforms leverage the power of Open Banking infrastructure to offer innovative solutions that enhance financial services, improve efficiency, and empower businesses. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best SaaS platforms that are making the most of Open Banking in 2023.

Open Banking: A Brief Overview

Open Banking is a regulatory initiative that empowers consumers and businesses by giving them more control over their financial data. It requires banks to open up their data to licensed third-party providers via secure application programming interfaces (APIs). This initiative has paved the way for innovation in the financial services sector, with SaaS platforms at the forefront of this revolution.

The Best SaaS Platforms Leveraging Open Banking in 2023:

  1. Plaid:

Plaid is a leading SaaS platform that connects various financial institutions through a single API. It empowers businesses to build innovative financial products and services, from personal finance apps to lending platforms. With Plaid, developers can access a wide range of financial data securely and efficiently.*

  1. Yodlee:

Yodlee, now a part of Envestnet | Yodlee, offers a comprehensive suite of financial data solutions. They provide SaaS platforms with access to a vast network of financial institutions, enabling them to offer services such as account aggregation, transaction categorization, and financial wellness tools.*

  1. Tink:

Tink is a European-based SaaS platform that specializes in Open Banking solutions. They offer powerful APIs that enable businesses to connect with banks and financial institutions across Europe. Tink’s platform allows for a seamless integration of financial data into various applications.*

  1. Finbox:

Finbox is a SaaS platform that focuses on financial analysis and valuation. Leveraging Open Banking data, it provides investors and financial professionals with powerful tools for analyzing stocks and companies. It’s a must-have platform for those seeking data-driven investment insights.*

  1. Strabo:

Strabo is a customisable portfolio tracker that leverages open banking technology to connect all of a user’s different financial institutions across asset classes to one dashboard. They can configure this to their own idiosyncratic needs including forecasting, portfolio construction and management and risk profiling.

Key Benefits of Leveraging Open Banking SaaS Platforms:

– Enhanced Data Accuracy: Open Banking data is more accurate and up-to-date than traditional methods of data collection, improving the reliability of financial applications.

– Increased Security: Open Banking infrastructure prioritizes data security and compliance, ensuring that sensitive financial information remains protected.

– Faster Integration: SaaS platforms that leverage Open Banking APIs can rapidly integrate with various financial institutions, reducing development time and costs.

– Innovation Opportunities: Open Banking SaaS platforms unlock opportunities for innovation in financial services, enabling businesses to create tailored solutions for their customers. Yaser SEO is a great way of pushing your platform up Google search rankings and improving these opportunities.


As we step into 2023, the synergy between SaaS platforms and Open Banking infrastructure continues to redefine the financial services industry. The best SaaS platforms leveraging Open Banking are not only simplifying access to financial data but also driving innovation and transforming the way we manage our finances. Whether you’re a fintech startup, a financial institution, a portfolio tracker, or a business seeking to enhance your financial services, these platforms offer powerful tools and capabilities that can help you stay at the forefront of the evolving financial landscape. Stay tuned for the latest developments as Open Banking continues to shape the future of fintech.

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