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The 5 Leading Skill Development Companies in 2023

In the past several years, there has grown a need for organizations to invest in learning and development. This surge does not only exemplify the response to external challenges but also a strategic move toward fostering a more people-centric company culture. Organizations are increasingly recognizing that the key to resilience and sustained success lies in the continuous development and empowerment of their workforce.

In this regard, LinkedIn Learning reported that 83% of organizations aspire to build a more people-centric culture. L&D departments naturally play an important role in turning this goal into a reality with 81% actively contributing to this journey. This shift shows a larger and broader acknowledgment that an engaged and skilled workforce is the cornerstone of organizational growth and success.

Because the world continues to accelerate with its technological advancements and evolving job demands, the urgency of this investment has become more prominent. Moving deeper into the LinkedIn Learning 2023 Workplace Learning Report, skill sets required for various roles have changed by around 25% since 2015, and this change is projected to double by 2027. The evolving nature of work demands a dynamic approach to skill development and, in this scenario, continuous learning is a requirement for business success.

As organizations grapple with the need for agility, the role of L&D is expanding beyond conventional training paradigms. This is now a strategic enabler for talent retention, satisfaction, and overall organizational resilience. However, not all organizations can stand on their own in building and sustaining a successful learning and development program; this is where learning companies come in.

Skill development programs require a high level of expertise which not all organizations have the complete resources to accomplish. But what do these learning companies look like and how can they boost organizations’ learning and development requirements? Here are the top 5 skill development companies dominating the industry in 2023:


If there’s one transformative force in learning and development, it’s Growthspace. With its innovative and outcome-driven platform, Growthspace redefines how organizations approach employee growth and skill enhancement. The platform seamlessly aligns individual career aspirations with personalized development opportunities, leveraging a vast network of over 2,000 coaches, offering a dynamic space where employees can acquire essential skills tailored to their unique goals.

Its extensive pool of expertise guarantees that employees receive guidance specific to their roles, industry, and career aspirations. The platform’s commitment to measurability and efficiency sets the stage for a transformative learning experience, where individuals can engage in focused coaching sessions and development sprints.


Siro is revolutionizing the learning landscape for the 5.7 million U.S. sales professionals predominantly engaged in field sales. Recognizing the scarcity of on-the-job coaching in this realm due to its time-intensive nature, Siro steps in as the transformative tool that makes Field Sales not just a profession but a tangible path to financial freedom.

Through cutting-edge technology, Siro records and analyzes in-person conversations with sales representatives, pinpointing crucial moments. This allows reps to listen and learn from top-performing colleagues, especially in handling challenging customer objections. Siro not only empowers individual sales professionals but also enables coaches to provide support in unprecedented ways.


At the forefront of AI-driven skill enhancement, Enki stands as a beacon for professionals and teams seeking to unlock their full potential. Offering a prosumer product, Enki introduces an AI-powered coach specializing in coding, no-code development, AI, data, and other pivotal hard skills.

This revolutionary tool has garnered the trust of millions of professionals, boasting a user base of over 10,000 paying customers. Beyond individual use, Enki’s enterprise product serves as a key asset for scaling companies like Monzo, Bolt, and Jackpocket, facilitating efficient and scalable employee onboarding.


Primerli, founded by a collective of former management consultants, is at the vanguard of revolutionizing online corporate training. Recognizing the need for a fresh approach, Primerli has introduced an e-learning platform designed to deliver engaging and concise expert training, reminiscent of 101 courses spanning various industries.

The mission is straightforward yet transformative: to bring individuals up to speed on an industry within a single hour. Leveraging professional production techniques involving animation and skilled voice-over artists, Primerli excels at breaking down complex topics into digestible and enjoyable training sessions.


Play2Lead stands as a distinguished, award-winning gamified behavior change platform, steering teams toward the development of emotional intelligence, well-being, and psychological safety. The platform offers a repertoire of off-the-shelf micro-courses meticulously curated by experts, focusing on critical core skills such as self-awareness.

Additionally, Play2Lead boasts a library featuring over 1000 evidence-based micro-activities, providing trainers and team leaders with customizable resources to support teams in cultivating new habits. Through its gamified web and mobile app, Play2Lead enables employers to craft daily microlearning and micro practice activities tailored for every level within the company.

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