The 25 Best Dark Web Sites In 2023 (Unseen Onion, Tor Links)

If you’re looking to get into the dark web, you’ll need a special tool to get into the onion links, which are restricted areas of the internet. The best way to access Tor onion websites is throgh the Tor browser, which allows you to browse anonymously through multiple nodes. Often associated with illegal activities, the dark web offers numerous benefits unattainable on the surface web. Below you will find a list of the top .onion dark web sites for safe browsing, as well as some useful and entertaining dark web sites.

Best Onion Sites Available On The Dark Web In 2023

Navigating the dark web is possible despite lacking user-friendly search engines. Some useful sites can help navigate the dark web landscape, but it’s essential to open these onion sites in the Tor browser to access the best content.

  • Archive.Today (formerly is the top onion site that specializes in preserving the scientific and cultural history of the internet. Founded in 2012, collects web page images, guaranteeing their authenticity even when the original page is gone. It offers short, dependable links to immutable dark web pages.

  • BBC Tor Mirror

Tor provides anonymous access to BBC Onion, covering UK and worldwide news, despite heavy online censorship in countries like China and North Korea.


Blockchain is a cryptocurrency-based dark web site. It allows you to safely buy and sell cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. It also uses an HTTP secure certificate to keep the site safe from theft.

  •  Comic Book Library

The .onion site offers thousands of downloadable comic books, ranging from niche to mainstream, but users should be aware of copyright infringement, similar to the Imperial Library.

  • Daniel

Daniel offers a user-friendly dark web browsing experience with over 7000 categorized links and built-in functionality to confirm website functionality, reducing the need for multiple browsers.

  • Deep Web Radio

Deep Web Radio is a digital station providing over twenty channels with diverse music genres for those seeking good music on the dark web.

  • DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a popular, anonymous top dark web search engine available on the surface web and dark web with .onion links, providing reliable answers and additional privacy.

  • Facebook Onion site

Facebook collects data, but it does not share it. This is despite the fact that many oppressive governments restrict access to data. The .onion portal, while allowing restricted access, doesn’t improve privacy.

  • Hidden Answers

The dark web’s version of Quora or Reddit offers uncensored, unfiltered conversations, but may contain unpleasant conversations. Learn more about it by visiting specific questions’ dark web tor links.

  • Imperial Library

With 500,000+ digital books available in the Imperial Library, users need to be careful not to infringe on copyright.

  • Keybase

Keybase enables cryptographic linking of various online identities, preventing hackers from impersonating profiles by creating.onion links with PGP keys or allowing the platform to create one.

  •  Mailpile

Mailpile is known to encrypt your emails and keeps them safe. It is an open source email service allowing you to download data anonymously. Additionally, you can avoid spam with this.

  • ProPublica

ProPublica usually documents the abuse of power and the violation of public trust through the publication of controversial stories in both English and Spanish.

  •  ProtonMail

ProtonMail, a Swiss-based email service, offers end-to-end encryption, privacy, and security features on the Onion site, ensuring no personal information is required for account creation.

  •  RiseUp

RiseUp, a dark web platform for liberatory social change, offers secure emailing and chat services, but requires an invitation code for account creation.

  • Sci-Hub

Sci-Hub is a global database placed on the dark web. People can benefit from these research papers by visiting the website.

  • SearX

As a privacy-focused meta-search engine, SearchX provides granular search results for a wide range of content types, making browsing on the surface as well as the dark web safe and secure.

  •  SecMail

SecMail, a popular dark web email service, has a data limit of 25 mbps per user, which is adequate for PGP-encrypted messages.

  • SecureDrop

SecureDrop is one of the best secure dark web links for whistleblowers to share sensitive information with journalists, protecting their privacy and enabling news organizations to set up their own SecureDrop URLs.

  • The CIA

The US Navy created Tor to facilitate secure internet communication, while the CIA established its .onion  web site to provide anonymous and secure access to global intelligence resources.

  • The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki offers a vast .onion link directory for accessing dark web content, but caution is advised due to potential pedophile sites and copycat versions.

  • Tor Metrics

Tor Metrics gives you non-sensitive information about the Tor project. It helps you understand, track, and enhance the security and anonymity of the Tor network.

  • Tunnels

The .onion site features a link deepweb revealing illegal and dangerous explorers exploiting American universities’ tunnel systems, posting their content on the dark web.

  •  Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi, a popular cryptocurrency wallet, uses CoinJoin and Neutrino protocol for transaction verification, making it difficult to identify transactions and eliminate server-related vulnerabilities.

  •  ZeroBin

ZeroBin is a secure, anonymous messaging tool for sharing dark web content, ensuring data is encrypted before reaching servers and users can set strong passwords.

The dark web, initially used by government agencies, hackers, and cybercriminals, gained public access through encryption and the Tor browser, allowing access to dark web sites with ‘.onion’ registry operators.


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