Tap Coin:  Paying Gamers To Play

Gamers and developers are now turning towards the blockchain to redefine a billion dollar industry. Today, digital gaming accounts for 87 percent of the industry’s $108.9 billion annual revenue. Yet as digital disruption continues, new technologies are needed to sustain industry growth, development and solve certain problems.

Most issues currently facing the gaming industry has to do with censorship, third-party interference, fraud, budgetary constraints and more. The benefits associated with blockchain technology, however, can offer a solution to many of these problems. After all, a blockchain serves as a digitized, decentralized, public ledger for all cryptocurrency transactions. In addition, a blockchain-based platform is built entirely on trust and provides full transparency of every transaction that has ever taken place by any person associated with the network. Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the entire gaming ecosystem, ranging from creating more secure, instant and transparent payments to connecting gamers and developers from across the globe.

The Tap Projects primary initiative consists of developing a digital currency, along with partnering with a network of developers to allow a smooth, elegant and robust system that will allow the Tap Coin the ability to traverse multiple games and platforms. Allowing Tap Coins to be transferred between games. The Tap Project’s ecosystem is made up of Game Developers, Gamers, Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and the Tap Project Network.

A Tap Coin is a new ERC20 utility token that is supported by projects and other services that are written on the blockchain. The Tap Coin simply allows gamers to earn when they play. No longer will countless hours be wasted or go unrewarded, but Tap Coin project will allow gamers to convert their in-game premium and earned currencies to Tap Coins. These tap coins can be imported into other games or platforms or exchanged for other currencies.

Tap   platform will also provide developers/publishers an immediate 70/30* split in the user transaction fee. With 70% going to the developer, the Tap Platform immediately pays developers/publishers per their titles listed on the Platform. Increased live ops , marketing and exposure provides added incentive for each publisher. The Tap team has made a simple and easy integration process, which requires little to footprint by your development team so you can focus on making games.

The Tap Coin is a utility token that operates under a “proof of stake model”. Users require Tap Coins to gain access to the platform and its games.

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