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Talwar Bhai and HVR : Rajasthan’s First Independent Duo Achieves 100k+ Spotify Streams with ‘Bilkul Sahi Hai’


The world of independent music has witnessed a historic achievement as Rajasthan’s very own dynamic duo, Talwar Bhai and HVR, have become the first independent musical artists from Jaipur, Rajasthan to surpass the 100,000+ streams mark on Spotify. Based in the enchanting city of Jaipur, this talented pair is making waves with their commercial hit, “Bilkul Sahi Hai,” which is proving to be a testament to their creative prowess and their ability to capture a broad audience.

Talwar Bhai and HVR: A Glimpse into their Musical Journey:

Talwar Bhai and HVR, rooted in the vibrant city of Jaipur, embarked on a musical journey driven by a passion for creating Commercial music that resonates with audiences worldwide. Talwar Bhai and HVR are proving to be consistent hitmakers beyond their breakthrough track “Bilkul Sahi Hai.” Their other commercial hits like “Apsara” and “Lit Hai” are also making waves and garnering strong performances, further cementing their status as rising stars in the independent music scene.

Excitement is building as HVR and Talwar Bhai prepare to release their track with an accompanying video. The promise to unveil this video on the RAH-DE Production YouTube channel comes as a celebration of their achievement, crossing the significant milestone of 100,000+ streams on Spotify. Fans can anticipate a visual spectacle to complement the musical magic these talented artists have created.

“Bilkul Sahi Hai”: The Commercial Sensation:

At the core of their success is their breakout track, “Bilkul Sahi Hai.” This commercial marvel encapsulates the essence of contemporary music with its catchy hooks, infectious beats, and relatable lyrics. The song has become a sensation, transcending borders and earning a dedicated following across the digital music landscape.Talwar Bhai and HVR are proving to be consistent hitmakers beyond their breakthrough track “Bilkul Sahi Hai.”

Nurturing a Dedicated Fanbase:

Achieving the milestone of 100,000+ streams on Spotify is more than a mere statistic; it signifies the duo’s ability to cultivate a dedicated fanbase. Talwar Bhai and HVR actively engaged with their listeners on social media. These efforts solidified a deep connection with their fans who eagerly anticipate each new release.

A Promising Musical Journey:

As the first independent duo from Rajasthan to cross the 100,000+ streams threshold on Spotify, Talwar Bhai and HVR’s achievement represents not only their talent and dedication but also the endless possibilities the digital age brings to the music industry. “Bilkul Sahi Hai” stands as a commercial triumph, symbolizing the evolving independent music scene in India. With their unique blend of contemporary commercial vibes, they are carving their niche and putting Rajasthan on the map in the global music landscape.

HVR and Talwar Bhai, hailing from Rajasthan, faced an uphill battle on their journey to musical success. Their struggle and determination defined their path as they broke barriers, becoming the first independent duo from the state to achieve over 100k streams on Spotify with their commercial hit “Bilkul Sahi Hai.” The road ahead for this talented duo is illuminated with the promise of more musical milestones and unforgettable commercial hits for years to come.

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