Interview with Charles D. Carey, Founder And Managing Partner at CIG Capital

CIG Capital is offering project finance and investment while bringing a lending revolution to the Finance market. Founder Charles D.… is Gamification Platform WinPlay’s Exchange Partner 

Singapore - Crypto exchange has partnered with viral marketing platform WinPlay to include gameplay marketing strategies for BiKi’s listed… Replaces Community Partner Program with Global Manager Recruitment Program

Singapore - Top 20 CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency exchange has launched a new Global Manager Recruitment Program, a replacement of the…’s 11th BiKi Partner Node: J.M. Consultancy Services Limited

Singapore - It was a full-house turn out for the opening event of Singapore Blockchain Week. On the globalization front.… Recruits Another BiKi Partner Node, Global Digital Assets

6th September, 2019, Singapore, Singapore – Announcing yet another strategic partnership, has recruited new BiKi Partner Node Global Digital…

Harmony to Partner with Chainlink for Off-Chain Connectivity

Harmony is partnering with Chainlink, the leading oracle service provider, for its secure blockchain. The Chainlink network provides reliable and…

SyncFab Partners with Ethos to Bring MFG to the Ethos Universal Wallet

Supply chain blockchain pioneer SyncFab announced a strategic partnership with Ethos, a multi-token universal wallet that allows users to store…