BiKiExchange Lends Support to Privacy Token Beam in their Second Hard Fork 

Singapore, 18th June, 2020 - Global digital assets trading platform will  lend its support to platform-listed project Beam as… Announces Listing of Blockchain E-Commerce Marketplace Token Multicoin (MTCN)

Singapore, 16th June, 2020 - Global crypto trading platform has announced that Multicoin will be listed on the exchange…

BiKi Group Strategically Invests USD 3 Million in Kmex, a Contract Trading Platform 

Singapore, 29th May, 2020 - Through its BiKi Industry Fund, the BiKi Group has recently made a strategic investment of… Lists Borderless Multi-Ledger Token Hybrix (HY)

Singapore, 15th May, 2020 - Top 20 CoinMarketCap Exchange has listed  the multi-ledger, cross-chained Hybrix (HY) token. With a… Offers DAI Trading and DAI Savings Rate DSR

Singapore - Crypto trading firm has listed DAI, the largest decentralized stablecoin, also the second largest stablecoin overall in…