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SnapCity is Talking with EasyJet to Accept SnapTokens on Boarding Passes.

 SnapCity is working on an Upcoming partnership with EasyJet after their ICO for SnapTokens. Daniel Graaf, the CEO of SnapCity reports that they have been in talks with EasyJet about promoting the application through their mediums with the eventual goal of EasyJet accepting SnapTokens. The talk is currently looking very promising with negotiations in place already for SnapCity to feature on selected boarding passes.

Just as blockchain technology is transforming a number of industries, the gaming sector is starting to realize the value that can be gained from the blockchain. By ensuring more secure, transparent and faster transactions, gamers and developers can take advantage of a digital goods marketplace that can be utilized on a number of gaming platforms.

SnapCity is the latest geo-location adventure game built on the blockchain, which is coming to Android and iOS soon.

SnapTokens allow users to create challenges on SnapCity. For general users it is mainly for fun, you can challenge your friends to do something crazy. You can also create public challenges that are visible to everyone that is near you. The first person to complete the challenge gets the tokens as a reward and the creator of the challenge is rewarded depending on how popular the challenge was (how many entries there were). Users can also use the tokens as discounts at businesses; businesses can then use the tokens to create public challenges bringing more people to the business.

Snapcity consider games such as Pokemon Go to be one of Our  main competitors. On Pokemon Go businesses would pay $0.99 for a lure to draw Pokemon and hence users to the business’s location. Our SnapTokens start at roughly $0.06 and only a fraction of a token is necessary to create a challenge for a business, as such we believe as the app becomes more popular and the number of users increases the value of the tokens will definitely go up!

SnapTokens will not currently be available to be used as full payment for items; as such, we will only be used as discounts at businesses. From Our survey of businesses and attractions across Europe, we found that a considerable percentage of revenues were passed to third-party companies for advertising. The highest figure that we recorded was a large booking company charging 40% commision on ticket sales. Therefore, businesses accepting the tokens can be seen as equivalent to paying the commision but in SnapCity the commision goes back to the user, rather than a thirfd-party. Of course, the business then also has the tokens, which we can use to create challenges and further increase Our revenues. When SnapTokens become liquid and are traded on various exchanges we will be offer businesses the opportunity to liquidate Our tokens when we receive into fiat currencies that we are more familiar with.

Currently, Snapcity is in discussion with several exchanges about listing our tokens on them. As of yet, we are unable to tell you exactly which exchanges we are. Be sure to sign up to Our mailing list to be the first to know.

The tokens have already been created (contracts have been deployed). As such, all you need to do is go to the ICO sale section on our website , and send your Ethereum to the contract address, add the contract address to your Ethereum wallet and the tokens will be there with 30 seconds.

Business organizations can join snapcity either by purchasing SnapTokens in the ICO, wait for them to become available on various exchanges or start accepting them in-store. As a regular user, buy the tokens in the ICO or wait for them to become available on exchanges.

For more information, and participation in Our Pre-Sale and ICO today kindly visit: http://www.snapcity.io

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