SnapCity is making Exploring Cities Around the world more Rewarding with Blockchain Technology

Everybody loves exploring cities around the world. But it’s so easy to miss the best sights in cities when time is limited. That’s why SnapCity (the latest iOS and Android app coming out soon) encourages users to investigate and explore the best that cities around the world have to offer.

What is SnapCity?

“SnapCity is the latest geo-location adventure and discovery app. It will soon be available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. SnapCity gives users the opportunity to discover the best that cities around the world have to offer, and be rewarded for doing so. Users are rewarded with points for completing challenges, and these points can then be used at local businesses for discounts and / or free items.

The target audience for SnapCity are millenials or young travellers. They are accustomed to using their mobiles for everyday activities and are already used to other social media platforms such as SnapChat, Facebook, Pokemon Go. It has also been shown that millenials are the age group that are most likely to use discount vouchers, with 90% stating they used discount vouchers within the last 6 months when shopping online. Inter-railing is very popular, Inter-railing is buying a train ticket that is valid for the whole of Europe, tickets last for 2-3 weeks, and you can visit
many cities across Europe (for more information

SnapCity would be perfect for this audience since their time in each city is limited but they want to see the best that the city has to offer”

How Does it work? In 3 easy steps.

1. View the challenges in the application, these challenges are either created by SnapCity, your friends or the general public.

2. Go to the location and take a photo, taking a photo confirms that you visited the location and completing challenges gives you SnapTokens.

3. Redeem your tokens at local businesses, as money off against their goods.

But there’s more:

1. Users can use the tokens to challenge their friends, the user created challenges can be anything (So make them as crazy as you want!).

2. With the tokens, businesses can advertise by creating public challenges bringing users to the location.

3. Users can also create public challenges, visible to everyone! The first person to complete the challenge gets the tokens, the creator of the challenge is rewarded depending on how popular the challenge was!

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