Snapcity ICO Progress Report – How well is the Snapcity ICO Doing?

Imagine an adventure game built on a blockchain; this is exactly what SnapCity is. It is the first geographical location iOS and Android adventure game built on a decentralized and distributed blockchain which prevents any form of fraud, such as spending tokens more than once, rewards users for confirming challenges and rewards early investors too.

It has behind it a great team of ex-google and palantir developers. SnapCity gives users the access to explore beautiful cities around the globe and makes traveling more fun and adventurous; this would ” disrupt ” the tourism industry which is worth $7.2 trillion annually. Several challenges are set by the user’s friends, the public, or by SnapCity, which the user must complete by taking either a photo or a video of the challenge, after which the users would be rewarded with Snap tokens.  

SnapCity makes use of the latest and most recent blockchain technology; it employs the use of Snap Tokens, which is the cryptocurrency used. It is based on the ERC-20 standard and deployed on the Ethereum network. They can be used by business ventures to advertise on SnapCity and can also be used by its users to create challenges for friends and the public. These tokens are universal and can be exchanged in local businesses anywhere around the world.

The SnapCity crowdsale has generated a total of 4930.40 USD and sold a total of 154075.00 Snap Token ( SNPT). SnapCity seems to be making great headway, as it has attracted some nineteen investors.


This is an unregulated way in which SnapCity generates its funds and is still developing. They make use of the Snap Token (SNPT) which was launched on the 13th of January, 2018.

The funds accrued from the ICO would be used on advertising and also to develop the SnapCity platform. Snap Tokens are an ERC-20 token, which implies that the ETH is the only platform on which purchase can be accepted. With the fixed token price of 25,000 SNPT equivalents to 1ETH and available token to be distributed amounting to about $200 million.

SnapTokens will be trading on the exchanges from  13/02/2018 according to their roadmap.


Several benefits are associated when using Snap Token. Business platforms and the users get to gain simultaneously. When Snap Token owning businesses and investors advertise on SnapCity, they get the opportunity to advertise on SnapCity. As SnapCity develops more successfully the value of these businesses increase. When SnapCity users complete a task, they get rewarded with Snap Tokens.

With Snap Tokens, businesses do not have to pay the 40% commission required by other advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook. Instead, businesses pay a fixed fee, rather than a fee for each click.

SnapCity’s current partner is the ” Ripley’s believe it or not,” located in Amsterdam. This is the First business to advertise on SnapCity. With SnapCity, users would be able to create challenges anywhere in the world provided they have enough points. SnapCity is the way forward in digital cryptocurrency.

See the current state of the Snap Token on the website –

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